Mental Retardation causes...Spiritual Death!

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    There is only one truth! And there is only one fact in reality...and that reality is the fabric that ties all creation together in one "Spirituality"...but we know only one false reality...that is only based in false, fabricated, distortions that confuse all that except it. We are taught only tricks, lies and illusions that are corrupt at their core...that only can and will confuse the mind that excepts it.

    With out knowing the real truth...we start to think that there are many forms of truth and we can just take our pick of the ones we like. So-called seemingly truth...but are all false ideas and illusions that are taught to us as children by the system of white supremacy...that leaves us totally ignorant with out any knowledge of our selves...there fore "Spiritually Dead"!

    The concoktors and fabricators of the great lies that are indoctrinated in us as children...know that all they have to do is give us any one of the lies (Religions) that they only made (666) the top of their insane racist heads...and (you) the ignorant masses that we are all a part of...will except it "Hook Line and Sinker"! Because we have been taught not to "Think" for our selves...let alone study and research...we only read and so-call study what they tell us is right.

    Every one has a opinion...and will argue and fight over nothing...and it happens every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year and decade of our pitiful lives...because we are given what to think by the system of white supremacy that is most...greedy, evil, wicket, filthy and overall "Corrupt" at its core and foundation. There is no redeeming value in any of it what so ever.

    We must learn to know...that there is no such thing as we are told when it is said that we must except the lesser of any evil...and that compromise is the way all things work in life. "Compromise" is one of the most evil and wicket tricks played on the mind of humans. Compromise always works to destroy those who excepts it! Compromise is an excuse for human weak-nes...and to except corruption is to except ones own ignorance and..."Spiritual-Death"!

    What do you think that you really know? Ware did you get what you think you know? Who taught you what you think you know...and when and ware did who ever taught you what they thought they knew to teach you...ware did they get it? They got it inside of the same "Box" you are in right the blind leading the blind...they knew nothing!!

    America is only about 200 years young...the American medical profession is younger and the FDA is younger than that. The "Religions" that is taught are
    only from the time of 325 AD or Anio Domini...the Bible was written by a evil and wicket "King James Stewart" in the 1600's...just yesterday!

    How old is Europe? How can they know any thing when the oldest so-called white civilization is less than 4,500 (maybe much less) years young?? What have they taught you so far that can help don't even have a decent job?!

    How old are you...Mr and Mrs "Black"?? Your history goes back more than hundreds of thousands of years! Before there was any such a so-called white "Race". Why are "We" following this simple minded baby who has only ruined everything with out exception that they come in contact with? They even ruined and destroyed what millions of years took to develop by your ancestors and brought you here to this G-d forsaken place and messed you up!

    But you still think...wait a minuet now?!! They must know what they are talking about. Look at how they went to the moon! Look at all their "Technology"!! You say...look at all of what...they have built!!

    This is only because you don't know that you did it (built every thing) for them but didn't get any credit for what you did...and the "Blood Suckers" took all of the credit and all the glory from you and gave you nothing in return except...slavery, suffering, death and worst of all... ignorant...Religions.

    There is only one sun for this have one chance to get your life in order but you give it all away in favor of some stupid idea that you are going to get yours in some sweet by and by?!!

    Then set back and do nothing to save yourself because you have been lied to and think some person that has no historical record what so ever of existing on this planet...except in the book they gave and told you was holy...and will save you if you only "Believe" and have "Faith" you do noting and you have nothing or know any thing that can "Liberate" you and your children from them.

    None of the historians ever mentions the name of "Jesus"...ever in any of their writings and accounts...Why? Because this is another lie you have been taught...that you thought was true...another so-called "Truth"?!! This is why most of us still think there are more than one truth.

    Truth mixed with falsehoods is nothing more than "Corruption" and you must know that "Corruption always goes down Hill" and it takes you with it if you are devoted or except it in any way...this is "Compromise"!!

    Compromise of your own soul / self / spirituality. We must begin to go deep into our mind and thinking...and absolutely "Purge" ourselves of all that is western ideas and thinking...then and only then will you be "Ready" to receive what the "Master" has to teach you that is a blessing and gift of the ancient "Ancestors". KNOW THY SELF