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    Mental Restriction

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is enough information that has been shared with Black Folks on this Internet by Black People who now operate in the act of reclaiming the Black Divine Mind, until there is no longer any excuse for Black people to have, for not acting with a Mind that flow Freely in the Body Life living of Black People.

    But oh no, there are many Black people who rather live a life with a Mental restriction, a mind that is forbidden to go beyond an acquired Mind borderline that restrict the Black Mind from going where the Black Mind have not gone in many Black folks life Time, and that is in the Mental Dimension that defy all that the Human Being Lucifer has conditioned Black people to believe in, concerning Life way of living.

    So you see, a Mind that operate under restriction is a Mind in captivity and do not know the Knowledge, Understanding, and Divine Wisdom that come to a Mind that is allowed to be Divinely Creative and Free.

    So a Mental restricted people are a people that govern their life based upon what others tell you about your life to believe about it, and not about what you Know of your Life, because to know with Divine Understanding about the evil conning that is used to control your life, it require for you to have a Mind that is free from restrictions.

    A Restricted Mind is in the possession of a slave and indentured servants, they being without the freedom to use their Mind without restriction, so what do you have coming from such a people who are Mentally Restricted, well you have people with a Mind that praise the people that cause the Mental illness that come from such mental restriction, not allowing the Mind to wander and wonder about those things that effect our lives.

    So, because Black people are people with a Mind that operate under vast mental restrictions, such mental imprisonment is what have Black people to have such a lazy inactive Mind, a Mind that want everything to come packaged in the way those that control your Mind has so ordered information to come to Black People, having Black people to complain about information that come before them that is not structured in the way the oppressors have so ordered information to be.

    Yet the Black Mind is restricted from complaining and from questioning Lucifer Bible, a book Black People do not understand nor know anything about, other than what Lucifer has taught us to believe about that book call the Bible.

    We even make claim to be a part of the making of such a lying and deceiving book, the bible, and everything therein that Black people do not understand and know about, which the Bible make claim about.

    Tell me, do Black People summon a literary council for purpose to complain about not being Mentally free to understand the bible?

    No, we end up taking Lucifer Bible to bed with us, praying for understanding of that Bible, and Meditating over that Bible, as we make claim about it being the Word of God.

    Such a Black Mental Spirit demonstrated concerning Lucifer Bible, a book used to conquer and restrict the Mind of Black People everywhere and is the cause for our Body life living condition today, serve to be the greatest danger to Black people having a Free Mind.

    It is that book the bible that is responsible for the present condition Black people and Afrika is in today, such serve as Divine Evidence, which is what have you to know that Black people operate under a Mental restriction that forbid such a confined mind from recognizing the Divine Truth, when it is shared with you, be it verbally, in Writing, or visually, all because the Black Mind is restricted from knowing and Understanding Divine Information, when it is shared with the Black Mind, a Mind still in bondage under the control of Lucifer and his Bible.

    So when you become with a desire to have your Mind that is restricted from knowing and understanding the Divine Truth, and from information needed by the Black Mind before we will be qualified to Liberate our Black self, then follow the Link below, it will carry you to the book that will serve as your Mental salvation, the book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, a Book that is written without Mental restrictions, thus require a Divine Mind that is without restriction, to know and Understand the value it is to the Mind that is seeking its Freedom.

    The Link must not have any space in it, beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    The words 'Thank You' just isn't enough but thats all I got now

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    It's not so much a matter of that as it is burning the leeches and ticks off.

    Just my opinion