Black Poetry : Mental Mathematics

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    Multiply your fears, and divide them by your tears
    carry the smiles, over the long, lonely miles
    add in the mix, a little confusion
    some lost love to produce, a heart contusion
    it all equals finding out who you really are

    I see through one-dimensional laughter and smiles
    with 3-D pupils and my third eye
    my minds eye tends to make me feel
    I see what I don’t want to
    suffering, pain, and terror

    My angle on life is right
    90 degrees doesn’t come close to the heat
    produced by my passions
    instead of going parallel with everyone else
    I chose to go perpendicular and intersect at the right angle
    by not going along the same lines as everyone else
    many think I’m square
    I’d rather be square than running in

    the world is round, but it’s going in more circles
    than just orbit
    the “constant paper chase” has the world running like rats in a maze
    I’d rather walk a straight line and when I come to
    forks in the road....
    Pull out a roadmap for life
    I don’t want to be mourned for having
    a wrecked angle
    and end up in a rectangle
    box before my time

    I’m seeking solitary solicitude by
    solidifying my dreams into solid matter
    but if in solitude is how I must live
    where can I find love?
    My arms are too strong to hold

    I need to elevate my mental to the next plateau of existence
    until I’m dead to reality and live only at night
    where I can release myself from the shackles of

    Derrick H.