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Mar 17, 2001
where the sugar is in the land
he challenged my
love-verses to
complete him in ways
that only he could
then, one night he
asked me to reverse
the verses so that
it would not hit
him so hard
i looked into his
beautiful big browns
and said, "that is
like asking me to
stop loving you."
he pulled at my
heart strings
he said the verses
made him not want
to sleep because
his mental was
hungry for more
i found him weeping
in the middle of
the night...he said
that he wanted to
find something other
than solitude, so
he read intently for
the essence in the
quality of my verses
that is where he
found love
i held him in my arms,
kissed his forehead
and said, "just let
me be."
then, i moved him, i
moved him, i moved him
into a slow serene
verse that only i knew
he could understand
that is when i learned
that my mental made
love to his heart as he
continued to read me
so i continued to move
him to a rhythmic-sleep,
as i whispered my mental
love-verses to him softly
i lost my existence in him
and once more i
whispered, "it is because
of you that these
love-verses are true."


©20kaslis02, all rights reserved.


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