Black Poetry : Mental Illness

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
With physical illness a way of mitigating the problem. With mental illness there may be side effects like ticks or even more severe symptoms but can they always be reliably traced back to the root cause? It is no good thinking the problem is all in the mind, it may be but what can be done to actually help a person deal with it? It is no use whatsoever to say, pull yourself together, if the person could do that they would have done so and no one would be the wiser about their problem. Depression destroys utterly, it is insidious and impossible to mount a defense against. This is where people need true friends, not those fair weather types that disappear when things get awkward or even tough.

And to make it even challenging
to be gifted bright
everyone just wants a piece of
u....and half the time the creative
part of madness makes people
belief in God did not cure me of
the malady
nor the rivers of medications ive
already tried with countless pyschiatrists
the counselling helped much and greatly
the meds to their thing
but in the end we are left dealing
with our own paths.trails
which are not often easy
as some would want...

a lot of people struggling with this are gone
and the righteous world look down
on those afflicted....
finding fault to fire and not hire
and surviving on pensions
they grind and groan about the lazy
slackers...when the plant shut down
the look on their faces told me it all
then came their breakdowns
so its not easy
but some have it all their life so they
know this jungle...
its beauty and horrors
going upriver is work
plain and simple

but in the end the glory and the joy
given in small wonderments are gift

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