Black Poetry : Men... Stand UP!

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    It’s my brothers
    I mean the ones from another mother
    Out true potential we have yet to discover
    Instead of taking responsibility we blame another
    Most of the youngster have no clue, they are just poser
    We are the protector our youngsters we should cover
    Teach them to be men and being a man is more than being a lover
    Teach them to be that shoulder
    Mold them to be better as they get older
    Our young men need constant attention, the job is never over
    This world is unfair and they can be treated colder
    But they need to step out on faith and become bolder
    Teach them to lead and not just be a coaster
    It’s a blessing when you run across one who has it together it’s like finding a 4leaf clover
    Were the village we need to be closer
    We need to open their eyes and get them more exposer
    That it’s ok to live a life of being sober
    You don’t always have to be a joker
    Teach them about their health and not be a smoker
    No one’s perfect, we don’t expect kosher
    Teach them about credit and finance so than can be homeowners
    So they don’t make the our mistakes and become victim of foreclosure
    Teach the hard work pays off and not to be a loafer
    We as men have to teach out you, like were the composer
    Rome was not built in a day… sometime it’s okay to go slower
    Give them responsibility like pushing that lawn mower
    A boy will always be a boy if never taught to me a man
    And I’m saying a woman can’t do it, I’m sure they can
    But these men, brothers, fathers need to get off your *** and give lead a hand.
    You were man enough to make it…..
    Be man enough to raise it….
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    the near north
    +876 praise it
    to show it the potential God gave it

    i've done mine
    three men and a woman
    they're doing fine
    taught them to be real...they're not playing games
    got kids of their own...they're doing the same
    it's a dog-eat-dog world but they're all strong
    bred deep from birth, now get your love on.