Black People : Men Planned to Rape, Cook and Eat Kids


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Aug 27, 2010
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – Federal investigators say 38-year-old Michael Arnett of Roeland Park, Kansas, and 57-year-old Ronald Brown of Largo, Florida, conspired to commit horrific crimes against children. According to court documents, the pair conspired to kidnap, torture, rape and murder children then cook the young victims’ body parts on a stove.

This has video.

Many years ago, my big brother told me that the reason the white race call us the things they do, and label us as they do, is done to hide those things in their race that they wish to hide. I tend to agree with him, and this is the race that certain people want us to embrace?


Jan 22, 2001
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wow @ one dude saying it was just a fantasy ... he wasn't really gonna rape, kill, and eat the children.



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May 7, 2009

This has video.

Many years ago, my big brother told me that the reason the white race call us the things they do, and label us as they do, is done to hide those things in their race that they wish to hide. I tend to agree with him, and this is the race that certain people want us to embrace?


Yes, this case is just another reminder of the hidden history of America.

They said in one of the videos that one of those men actually was a guardian of the little White boy whose picture he'd taken and had put it in a roaster pan in his oven and that he was his guardian when the child was eight years old. However, they said that the actual picture was when that boy was a toddler. The news did not say a lot but enough to know that there is much more behind this case.

This case reminds me of Sandusky and the kind of ohter rich and powerful White men around him that protected him after they knew what he did to a child and what really stays on my mind almost all of the time is the thought of all of those 'Sandusky's' [and Jeffrey Dhamer's (sp?)] who were allowed to freely exist for hundreds of years during chattel slavery time and it bothers me that I don't hear Black American voices in this regards. All I hear is silence, and like as you have alluded to, it is probably because so many Black Americans have embraced them. They are silent because they want to pretend that these kind of sick people are gone away now and they are also silent because they want to accept, embrace, and continually elevated these kind of people. And for this reason, this sickness continues to permeate the human race. It is an awful thing to forget ones past. America has a sick past, a sick beginning and we shouldn't just forget about it and think that we can move on and be okay because issues like this case are always going to suface continually until it is dealt with from a better perpespective.

Sandusky and other white men as in this case have been allowed to make a wealthy living and all the while they get away with horrible crimes against children for a long time now...for ages. But somebody spurned these devils and it's time we start realizing that part of this demise also has to do with this system hiding other obvious issues too, in the development of these freaks. They hide their other family members behaviors such as their mothers, fathers, and etc. and some other pertinent information too that could help us understand the bigger scope of how these sick White men come to form. There is a solution and a way to deal with this issue of child predators but if we depend on this government who is guilty of starting this system on the very issue of child victimization and child rape in the worst way--they made it legal for uhm, about 200 years!!!--, these crimes against innocent will continue. Just because they made it illegal on the books in 1865 doesn't mean anything to many of these evil people because it's still their system. Old habits are hard to break.

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