Black People : Men of Color and Attraction


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Feb 19, 2001
Not an argument. Discussion only. Not trying to prove you wrong Kem.

If you do some research online you will see that more than 75% of women do put the father on child support.
It is a requirement to receive AFDC. Even with that new law, it isn't that high. There have been plenty of studies proving that. Plus, new phenomenon is the Povich syndrome. I don't say who or want to know who, because then he has rights and may interfere. They don't want daddy involved

Women who apply for welfare must sign over to the government any money owed them by their children's fathers. And they are forced to sue the fathers to get that money. Cant get blood from a rock. If I have nothing, you can file suit all you want

Welfare and child support: Nobody wins | Psychology Today - 266k - Cached - Similar pages

Skip Child Support. Go to Jail. Lose Job. Repeat. The part about most mating with guys that don't have a job was lost on you?


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Dec 17, 2016
The average black person you meet is ill informed, not knowing that television and beauty magazines try to steer you towards a desire for a certain image, the ones controlling the cash flow in any country can dictate, and subtly suggest things via television, or other visual apparatus. This fosters division in the masses, and look it worked like a charm, most humans are insecure and oblivious of their worth because the masses can be used as an effective tool of isolation, and suppression. All this sh*t is a mind game, and people get caught up in it easily, another aspect of the matrix

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