Black People : Men And Women Are Different Because Of More Than Biology

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    Let Us Not Just Recount Our Distant Ancestors Legacy: Let Us Also Be Upfront About Our Own...

    Seems and sounds to me, the interest over Alice Walker's viewpoints, presented by the way of her popular book, THE COLOR PURPLE, also reflects this 'go it along without the black male being in the picture' takes..

    .Never mind how it is neither a good idea and/or works well in the here and now?

    But let's don't just dismiss the core issues/problems/etc. it also tries to be candid and honest about (the book)...

    I just saw the film (and many complained about how whitewashed it is)...

    In either case:

    We have yet to face up to what truly plagues the intact modern black family and/or makes uncertain it's and our own people futures...

    All of the above makes too obvious why I decided to bring up this subject again...

    Holla holla...