Black Poetry : Memory Box


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Mar 23, 2001
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The Memory Box

I put your favorite t shirt on one last time
For my memories sake
Hugged your pillow one last time
Filled it with tears and fell asleep

Putting your pictures with loving care
Into a memory box
Filled with old boxes of candy
From you who I thought loved me only

I loved you faithfully
You knew that without a doubt
Picking me to be the last one
To hold you

These truths you gave me
The sound of your last breath
The feel of your ribs cracking
Trying to save you from death's grip

Gone from my night's sky
The brightest star I named for you
No telephones to the hereafter
To confirm you weren't untrue

It's the innuendo that remains
In all the silent pictures of you
Unanswered by those
Who claim it truth

Naïve to think the world had changed
Within your eyes within your arms
So true a man were you
To keep me safe from harm

Now finally accepting the rumor I denied
Of you with another
The pedestal I put you on
Cracked and tumbled down

It’s as if you died all over again
Putting in the box my glimpses of happiness
Put asunder they say let no man
But truth can make or break everything


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