Black Poetry : Memories


Dec 17, 2007

These things won’t let us forget; as hard as we try all it takes is a color, a smell, even a warm breeze and we remember. Memories that should be sweet, turn to nightmares as we think of ones we loved, ones we lost. But still we remember because as much as it hurts, we have to. If we don’t they will never forgive. If we don’t we will never forgive. So we remember because memories are all we have of those who aren’t here to make new ones, ones whose lifetimes were cut short, whose paths will never cross ours, at least in this world. We remember so we can keep our sanity. So we can make it through another day pretending they're still with us, when we know they’re not. People say they will always be in our heart but we know better. We know its just memories. But its strange how close these memories make us feel to them, we get so lost in memories that we start to believe if we think hard enough they’ll be back, if even for a moment; if only in our memories.
yes as i take that step back to rememorize the love share with love ones
inside my mental mind they lay and joyfully i remember the smiles there
laughter and fun times that leave me Happy that we once again made contact
and visit each other ....


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