Black Entertainment : Memorial Day movie, "Miracle of St Anna" or "American Gangster"?

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    The war against the open armies of White Supremacy, the 3rd Reich, the SS, and Hitler's Democratic Socialist Party,

    was a war that one assumes most brothers would be happy today to fight in if we were back then,

    But unlike back then in the 30s and 40s, when heroin was sold in Black neighborhoods, there was not an entire culture of music, movies, fashion, and jewelry, propagated around the salles and succesful sales of hard drugs as there has been to todays Black youth for a period of about 20 years now

    The Afghanistan war may have a similar blowback as did the cocaine, free base to crack, economic strategy of the Oliver North generation of Neocons.
    In preperation for such a pandemic

    could the glamorization and "dignification" of Frank Lucas, be a process of creating heros ,

    heros based upon an already accepted modality of exploitation and community suicide?

    Interesting that contrary to what Frank Lucas actually wore, here is Denzel, in jacket and tie looking more like a community leader
    Or a great teacher of Black youth in the skills of debate
    Since Birth of a Nation, "Holly"-wood continues it's mission