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    **for those of you who maybe dont think im a poet coz i dont tend to rhyme this is for you**

    I sit destitute no wealth by monetary needs
    I’ve never been one to get caught up in greed
    I was first born the prototype seed
    Spent my first years trying to locate the bleed

    Loss of love
    Had me wanting to catch that white dove
    Wanting to float amongst clouds just so I would know how it felt to be above

    In my dreams I’d be on stage validated by pride consumed by despair
    I’m one of those hard to find minds I guess you could call me rare
    Misplaced constantly because my father didn’t care

    Not about me anyway or my sister or my mother my brothers
    Because he was cheating see he had other lovers
    Slipping under the radar he got lost somewhere undercover
    Caught out with the other

    The other being an addiction
    That got him all bent out of shape locked down by restriction
    His secrets led to his conviction

    He came from Africa a refugee
    Led to believe
    Yet caught out in disbelief

    I wonder was it all he imagined the life
    He had envisioned held up by a knife
    Led astray by the demands of social strife

    We never speak about what happened that night
    I was too young they forced me blind with silence right
    Wrong, unspoken events tend to escape the dark for the light

    And when they fall they expose the secrets we try to hide
    I let loose let my heart die
    And why

    I started trading places with sanity
    Caught up within vanity
    Arrested for brutality

    Against my own soul I let insecurity consume me
    Own me
    Devour me

    I became the girl missing in action
    Causing chemical reactions
    Misplaced attractions

    Led me to sit out in the cold
    Watching my tears unfold
    Blurred vision yet the unwritten is so bold

    The unsaid sits on my tongue ready to come
    To reveal the undone and then some
    Leaving me to feel nothing except numb

    I am the fruits of my future
    Yet one cannot grow without nurture
    And so as I start to sway so I begin to fracture

    I’m not ready for real life I don’t want feel
    To know that disappointment is something I can’t heal
    Post and send off with an unforgiving seal

    Sometimes I wish I could backtrack
    Find the little girl from the photo albums and unwrap
    The person I left behind out on that derailed track

    The one that you see in newspapers front page news
    I constantly skip past the views
    Afraid of my reflection the purple bruise

    In my darkest hours I sit curtains closed afraid of rejection
    Drama and me is like a never ending infection
    I’m caught up in the barbed wire of my own deception

    You see I’m not the person I wanted to be
    I spent too long trying to escape and become me
    Yet all that I see is simply a hologram attempting to be free

    You see I’m trying to find the kind of love that embeds a strong woman
    The kind of love that will never need validation from man
    The kind of love that sets apart the groupies from the fans

    I’m not perfect never claimed a title that I didn’t deserve
    I write how I feel my thoughts they translate to verse
    I’m multicultural I guess you could call me diverse

    In mind and opinion I fight with my consciousness
    To some I’m simply a hypochondriac symptomless
    Yet the greatest icons are undiscovered I’ll never be passionless

    Now I see the demons of my past the shadows of glass
    Shattered and scattered like Hansel and Gretel’s crumbs cease to pass
    Yet if only to blast

    My dignity and respect shredded like unwanted paper waste
    I leave murder scenes in constant haste
    What more can I say I’m innocent the evidence misplaced

    I stood alone in the dock
    Wearing my best frock
    Knowing my own stupidity had led me to believe he would be my rock

    And yet I blamed the system and the oppressor
    When I made the choice to become his successor
    He created me I am the processor

    Forget Microsoft and apple I am the flaws of modern technology
    My mum’s disabled something to do with neurology
    I wish I could make you understand I don’t do apologies

    And neither do those who scarred me and made me afraid to open my eyes
    At night tears fall and I attempt to think of lies
    Something to take away the pain to unravel the ties

    The ones that force me to remember where I came from and that I do care
    Life’s a ******* ***** **** isn’t fair
    At times I’m so out of it I’m completely unaware

    That this is my life and these are my triumphs and mistakes
    How do you even begin to explain rape?
    I don’t seek your sympathy I’m trying to stay I don’t want to escape

    Leave and never know what could have been I don’t do sob stories
    Neither do I brag for the glory
    Though I might smile don’t mean everything is hunky dory

    So If you’re ready let’s do this break the mould and stand for something more
    Please I won’t beg but I’m tired of walking into closed doors
    Standing waiting on street corner likes some kind of whore

    My grandmother named me Maletsatsi mother of sun and people
    So let me grieve for my people let me feed our people
    Let me see the beauty of our people
    This memoir is for the people
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    nice piece righrt here rhymed well and you still said what you wanted to you really are a poetess by nature keep on doing you
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