Black Short Stories : Melody (Star Ascension) Pt 3 & 4

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    "Put a little trust in me, baby
    I promise you I'll be right here
    So don't fear
    I know you need a Queen in your life
    So I'm willing to be the one
    Cause you are my morning sun
    Brightening up my skies
    Everything I need lies within you
    Baby, the bond between us is so true"

    Melody pranced across the stage in a fashionable beige tilt brimmed hat, red baby tee with a studded heart, a denim Fubu skirt, and beige knee length leather boots singing sweetly as Wise spit his verses to her:

    "Every King desires a queen/I build you kingdoms out of my dreams
    You and I bonded with soul ties/You be the reason why my sun rise
    The rain when the heat burns my skin/The redemption in my moments of sin
    You birth the planets to my universe/God's blessing to me dispersing the curse
    I count my breathes just to be in sync with you/Never have I felt a love so true
    So never let you heart cry/Cause I wanna be the sparkle in your eye
    This bond is founded on love, not lust/So baby I'ma give you all my trust"

    The infectious beat had the Pittsburgh crowd at Bridge Spotter’s dancing, beaming, and tossing their hands up. Then they moved into a deep soul-funk song, "Soul Music":

    Melody and L.A. sang together:

    "Soul Music
    Baby, gotta have my soul music
    Southern funk-bass-blues
    Gotta be that soul music"

    L.A. and the crowd rocked to the guitar, drum, and horn laced groove as he began to flow smoothly into the microphone:

    “Whateva happened to soul music?
    Where folks be jammin to Billie and Coltrane
    Tellin stories of Black pain and reign
    I want to tune out the negativity of reality
    With a some soul music positivity
    Make my mind refreshed
    Like I been blessed
    To witness Miles on the horn live
    Or Ella singin Angel Eyes
    We be needin conscious grooves
    More than something to make the feet move
    But musical revolution
    Cuz ain’t no substitution
    For soul music!”

    Wise, Melody, and L.A. were exhausted after their 1st set and were refreshing themselves at the bar during the intermission.

    “Man, oh man, this spot is live!” exclaimed L.A.
    “And the vibe is off the chain! I’m feeling it forreal!” grinned Wise.
    “Oh yeah, I am definitely feeling the love in here!” Melody beamed as she sipped her club soda.
    Melody was surprised by a sudden tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to see a young, brown skinned waitress with short stylish braids holding a single flawless red rose and a napkin. “This is for you, a gentleman wishes for you to join him, if you will.”
    Melody accepted the rose and the napkin the note was written on and scanned it curiously. It read:

    Congratulations, you’ve come a long way Lady. Won’t you accept a small token of my admiration?

    “Who sent this?” she asked the waitress in puzzlement. “The gentleman said that I should direct you to his table if you accepted the rose. He asked me not to reveal his identity” she said then added with sparkling eyes “But sista I will tell you that he is quite charming and good looking!”
    Melody smiled at the waitress, her curiosity now more than peaked. L.A. and Wise were watching Melody with mingled interest and amusement.
    “Are you going to accept?” asked Wise sipping his Heineken.
    Melody re-read the note and sniffed the rose delicately then with twinkling eyes responded, “I think I will!”
    “Dang, can a brotha get a flower, a napkin, a toothpick, something!” L.A. exclaimed comically making everyone chuckle.
    “Stop it!” Melody snapped playfully and rose from her bar stool to follow the waitress who eagerly led the way.

    The club was misty, and candlelight shimmered off the tables and leather booths. Her beige boots sank into the plush carpeting as the waitress guided her to a booth in the back. “Here you go,” the waitress said cheerfully ushering Melody into the booth. Melody flashed a brilliant smile and turned to thank her mystery admirer for the rose, but the words died on her lips. “What the hell are YOU doing here!” she exclaimed in horrified surprise as she surged to her feet dropping the rose to the floor. She only managed to upset the table a bit, and sent her admirer’s drink flying across the table in a splash of gold liquid and cherries. The waitress looked confused and flustered, and Melody’s admirer sent her off in a flurry as he mopped at the mess with napkins. “****!” he hissed through clenched teeth, “Sit down girl! Why you trying to make a scene!?”
    Melody balled up her fists and growled, “Don’t tell me what to do! Answer my **** question! What the **** are you doing here, Jay D!?”

    She was infuriated as she stared into the handsome face of her ex-boyfriend Jayson Demetrius Tyler, known to all as Jay D. The sun, the moon, the stars and the Universe had once revolved around Jay D for Melody, but now he was the last person she wanted to see on Earth. Against her will the sight of him still caused her heart to thunder, and her blood to sing in her ears. He was a dream with a deep caramel complexion, arresting liquid dark eyes, thick black brows, a dimpled white smile, and low cut black hair. He stood 6’0 and trim, yet well muscled in arms, chest, and legs. He was dressed in a midnight blue velour jogging suit, with a white shirt peeking from beneath the jacket, and matching midnight blue Timberlands with the tops trimmed in snow white. A sparkling silver chain hung about his neck, and a diamond stud twinkled in his right ear. He was gorgeous as the last time she had seen him nearly three years ago on the night they had broken up. The reminder of that night caused tightness in her chest and her fury mounted to the point she could barely control herself. Jay D could see the fire in her eyes, and he locked his gaze into hers. That look had caused many to subject to his authority, and Melody was all too familiar with its effects. She had no intention of surrendering to it, but for some reason she did not try to rise again. Once he had seen she was not going to move just yet he reached down and picked the rose up off the floor, and set it before her casually. She wanted to snatch the petals off it and ram the stem down his throat, but she clinched her fist tighter in her lap, resisting the urge. He sat back and arranged his arms along the back of the booth and appraised her coolly. Melody’s fury only made her all the more beautiful to him. The stubborn set of her jaw emphasized the lovely dramatic boning of her face. Her full lips were set in a grim line, but no less luscious. Her slender frame was rigid, but her athletic curves were still admirable. His appraisal was interrupted by the return of the waitress who timidly asked if everything was fine, and if he needed anything.
    “Bring a white zinfandel and another martini,” he ordered calmly never moving his eyes from Melody. The waitress disappeared quickly, and he broke the tense silence between him and Melody.
    “You look beautiful, even when you pissed off.” He said simply.
    Melody’s face burned and she replied coldly, “Drop the ******** compliments, and tell me why you’re here, and two how the hell you always manage to find me?”
    Jay D smiled slowly, but his eyes were dead serious as he said softly, “Melody, Melody girl my word is bond. When I said I would never let you go in this world alone I meant it. I’m gonna keep your back even if you don’t want me to. How I know what I do is no concern of yours, but why I’m here is real simple. I wanted to see you, catch your show and congratulate you personally since you do not appreciate my phone calls.”
    Melody felt cold rage stiffen her spine as she hissed, “I told your *** I did not want to see or speak to you again! I don’t need you to get my back! I don’t need you for any **** thing!”
    “Mel, why you trippin? Even your family know you trippin! We belong together, and you steady running from me. Ain’t nobody got love like me and you. That’s why you won’t see me or talk to me, because you know what I am saying is true.” he said reasonably.
    Melody’s jaw dropped and then she rasped angrily at him, “*****, you stay the **** away from my family and friends. Most everyone thinks I was crazy for leaving you, but they don’t know your *** like I do. When I said I was through with you I meant it! How many times do I have to move, change my number, cut off friends!? And the real reason I left your *** is the thing you don’t really want to talk about either!”
    It was then a deeply pained expression crossed his face, and his voice dropped to a barely audible level. “Melody, baby, I never hit you, cussed at you, cheat on you. I loved you, but you still want to toss that **** in my face! I did the best I could for us both! You ain’t have to, and you know it, so don’t sit there and try to make that **** all my ****in fault!” he ended hoarsely.
    Melody felt the tears sting her eyes, and the truth of the statement rang in her heart. There were many things that drove them apart, but that one she could never forget was the ultimate reason for their parting. She had never been able to talk about it, and even now the sobs caught in her throat and her heart ached.
    “Aww baby,” Jay D murmured reaching for her hands, but Melody snatched away from him quickly recomposing herself.
    “I gotta a show to do.” She said in a low voice. “Jay D, please just leave me alone. We can’t go back to the way things were. I can’t be with you knowing……I just can’t talk about this. Just leave.” The last statement came out as softly as a feather falling through the clouds. She turned quickly from the shadow of pain in Jay D’s eyes and rose quickly from the booth, but not before he caught her wrist. A jolt of electricity raced up her arm and she watched as he silently unlocked her fingers and placed the rose in her hand.
    “This ain’t over Melody, you know it’s not, but for now your wish is granted. We can’t keep this front up forever,” he whispered gently. He rose from his seat, and laid a twenty on the table for the waitress before walking away into the blue misted air. Melody stood staring after him, her fingers clinched around the rose as the tears blazed a hot, wet path down her cheeks.

    Wise navigated his Black Expedition down the slick pavement as the rain pelted insistently against his windshield. He noted that it was unseasonably cold and wet for this time of year. It had only been two days since The Rootz had returned from their tour of Pittsburgh. His girlfriend Mai had been paging him non-stop since he had returned, and now he was on his way over to her apartment on East Jefferson. He was filled with nervous energy and flexed his fingers in an attempt to calm down as traffic came to a pause at the red light. He gripped the steering wheel once more, and pressed the gas, moving faster than he intended, but he was filled with a sense of urgency. Mai had sounded so worried, and he hoped to God nothing was terribly wrong with her. She had insisted he come over so that they could talk face to face. Wise had not taken that as a good sign. Finally he arrived at the brownstone building where she lived, and turned the ignition off. He sat staring straight ahead out the window for a moment and took a deep breath before pulling the hood of his tan Shearling over his head, and stepped out into the pouring rain. He quickly dashed up the stairs to the building, and mashed the buzzer for apartment 210. Mai’s soft strained voice floated through the intercom speaker. “Come on up Wise.” She had been expecting him. The undeniable tiredness in he heard her voice caused his concern to deepen. Once she buzzed him in he took the stairs swiftly up to her floor two at a time. He did not bother to knock as he pushed the door to the apartment open. Mai was seated cross legged on the deep pile beige carpeted floor, her back leaned against the matching beige leather sofa, with her hands twisted fitfully in her lap. His heart wrenched when she looked up at him, beautiful brown eyes filled with distress. She was paler than her usual glowing gold tinged pearl complexion. Her long dark hair was combed straight back giving a display to her stunning face. There were shadows beneath her gently slanted eyes, and her small snub of a nose looked slightly red and puffy. “Baby,” he breathed kneeling down beside her, “What’s wrong?” Mai fell into his arms and cried, “Oh Wise, I’m so glad you’re finally home!” He rubbed her back gently as she clung to him. “Baby, please tell me what’s wrong?” he pleaded cupping her perfect oval face in his hands. Her dark eyes filled with shining liquid and Wise kissed her softly. “Talk to me please.” He whispered. She turned away from him and mumbled, “I’m…..I’m pregnant.”
    “You’re what?” asked Wise not sure if he had heard her correctly. He practically had to strain to catch her words.
    She turned back to him with troubled eyes and said a bit louder, “I’m pregnant Wise, I’m pregnant.”
    Wise’s face went through an amazing transformation as his expression moved from confusion, to shock, to wonderment, to laughter.
    “You’re pregnant! Baby, that’s wonderful! What you crying for?” he exclaimed grasping her in an excited hug. “I mean it’s unexpected, but it’s not undesirable! I mean we were planning for this moment one day anyway. Aww, baby, you don’t have to worry at all. I love you! You know this!” he said squeezing her and rubbing her hair affectionately.
    Mai pulled back from him, still looking disturbed as she whispered, “It’s not the baby, Wise.”
    Confusion filled his eyes, and his smile faded as he asked, “Well then what’s the problem, Mai?
    “It’s m-me. I have sickle cell anemia, and the d-doctor says I m-might not be strong enough to carry the b-baby full term, a-and if I did it might tra-traumatize me…” she trailed off the tears welling in her eyes again.
    Wise’s face fell and his heart dropped as he gathered Mai to his chest. “****, baby, why didn’t you tell me you had sickle cell? When did you find all this out?”
    Mai voice trembled as she explained. “I’m so sorry, love. I’ve known I had sickle cell anemia since I was about 9 years old, I just never told anyone else. Only my family knew, really. I just never thought it would be an issue outside of the pain I feel sometimes. But I went to the doctor last week while you were in Pittsburgh, because I kept feeling horribly nauseous and weak. That’s when I found out I was pregnant, and the doctor looked so grim, and I asked him what was wrong. He had looked over my medical history and ran blood tests, and he said having a baby could be very dangerous for me I’m so scared Wise!.”

    Mai collapsed in his arms sobbing as he sat stony faced and silent. He did not no whether to cry or pound the floor with his fists in rage. The thoughts raced like a roaring flood through his mind. He couldn’t lose Mai, but he didn’t want to lose the baby either. He couldn’t imagine the agony of living without Mai. He had been in love with Mai from the first time they met through a foreign exchange student summer program in Japan during their junior year in high school in 1996. They had become good friends, and at the end of that summer they had exchanged contact information with promises to keep in touch. Over the next two years they had stayed in steady contact through emails, letters, occasional phone calls, and once a year they would visit one another.

    Mai lived alternately in Japan with her father, Lee Yong, a renowned Japanese college professor and in New York with her mother, Terri Taylor, a lovely Black interior designer. Wise vividly remembered the first Christmas they had spent together in New York in 1998. During the New Year celebration in Times Square he remembered Mai turning to him her beautiful face aglow with laughter, eyes sparkling, and delicate snowflakes falling softly in her silken dark hair. She had been brushing the rapidly falling snowflakes from his eyelashes and d newly twisted locks in vain much to his amusement. Their eyes had locked as he had seized her gloved hands gently. As if by magic they leaned forward and kissed one another tenderly. From that moment forward Wise and Mai had been inseparable. A year after that magical Christmas in New York Mai had transferred from a college in New York to Wayne State University, and had made Detroit her permanent residence to be near Wise.

    Now Wise sat rocking his beloved Mai in his arms, listening to her quiet, heartbreaking sobs, and a righteous anger filled him. He refused to believe that the miracle of Mai’s pregnancy could be a curse.
    “**** that Doctor, baby. We gonna get a second opinion and take you to a holistic doctor, a sista who will know your body better than some degreed white man. We’re not gonna give up without a fight, you hear me, Mai? We not gonna give up.” He said firmly and planted a hard kiss on her forehead.
    Mai nodded choking back the rest of her tears as she clasped her hand trustingly in his. “I believe in you, baby. I won’t give up” she said quietly and leaned her head against his chest as the rain continued to fall in torrents from the cloudy, dark night sky outside the windows of the brownstone.
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