Black Spirituality Religion : Melanin: Key To Freedom

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    The EYE OF INNER VISION for all humans is the EYE OF HERU (HORUS), THE EYE OF THE SOUL, THE THIRD EYE, PINEAL GLAND, EPIPHYSIS CEREBRI. Despite a claim by Europeans that Herophilos, a Greek Librarian professor of Alexandria in the third century BC was the first discoverer of the pineal gland, he was in fact a student of African Egyptian professors of Medicine. These African male and female Physicians belonged to the Pastophori Order (College) of the Egyptian University (Mystery School) which had flourished as an intact Educational Academy for over four thousad years prior to the appearance of the Greek Library and Museum in Alexandria, Egypt. These African scientists had defined in their written text (42 books of Tehuti, Pyramid texts, coffin Text, Book of the coming Forth by Day (eg. Book of the Dead) the detailed location, physiology and relationship of th Eye of Heru (Pineal Gland) to the sunlight, starlight, moonlight, Soul and the Black Whole Body Melanin System. -- page 30, 31 "Melanin: The Key To Freedom" by Dr. Richard A. King.

    (feel free to comment on this excerpt, if you've read the book)