Black Short Stories : Megasquad:Mega-War

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    *Bridge in Queens, New York, woman with her child in the car*

    kid: *cries*
    mother: hey hey dont cry, ill put the barney tape on like that?
    kid: *nods*
    mother: ok.... *puts tape in* omg *looks at side of bridge and sees green wave of energy coming*

    *GREEN blast blows up the bridge, separating it in two, leaving peoples cars flaling in the bridge and people getting out of their cars*

    *meanwhile in times square, all of the tv's images are warped to show, ATOMIX, leader of the New Gene Order, with a message*

    Atomix: The strike in queens will not be the last, if you do not give in and bow to the superior beings, parahumans

    *meanwhile, at the white house, Darius Stone, head of L.I.O.N., calls Supersoldier*

    Darius: Now why was this guy classified under D for Dead when hes clearly A for ALive?
    Supersoldier: We thought those Megasquad kids had him under wraps sir
    Darius: well, while blur and kusanagi are saving the people on the bridge, you and Crow can bust a little NGO cell we found in Manhattan
    Supersoldier: already on it
    Darius: how?
    Supersoldier: superhearing remember, can hear those kids talking already
    *in manhhattan ina apartment, Mirage, Inertia, Hoodlum, devastator, and frogs are watching the news*
    TV: and be on the lookout for these suspects *shows Inertia and crew*
    Frogs: **** hoodlum you look MESSED UP!
    Hoodlum: shutup frogs, it was after i got busted for robbing a convenience store
    Frogs: right, ya still look like your mother smacked the isht out of you
    HOodlum: SHUTUP
    mirage: both of you quiet. i hear something
    Devastator: *gets up* like what?
    Supersoldier: LIKE ME! *flies over and knocks devastator out* Ok kids, now come along quietly and youll only get detained in guantanamo bay
    Frogs: BUCK THAT! *gets ready to hop out*
    Inertia: waaaait! *runs over to frogs as hoodlum gets slammed through the apartment wall by supersoldier* NOW LETS GO
    Frogs: OK OK *hops off out of there*
    Hoodlum: OUCH. OUCH. OUCH
    Supersoldier: four of six accounted for Sir
    Darius: good, now where is crow
    Crow: Im right under our "targets" *crow gets up in the air, and presses a button on his wings that shoots out a net at frogs*
    Frogs: almost outta heraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaEAAFAF *gets caught by electrified net* dang, well get outta here while you can Inertia
    Crow: *lands* dont even try kid, we got ya cornered *supersoldier comes down too* give it up
    Inertia: alright........SIKE *absorbs frogs powers and kicks crow in the face* hows that for ya?
    Supersoldier: teenagers *grabs Inertia and knocks her unconcscious*, there we go thats all accounted for.......
    *on a greyhound bus out of manhattan*
    Mirage: Man im good, noones going to suspect i made a mirage of the whole crew and me to get out of there
    *meanwhile, Supersoldier and crew back at the Arcadian, the Superhuman Defense Force base*
    Supersoldier: So Blur and Kusanagi get any leads on where Atomix is at THIS time?
    Techraider: *shakes her head* nope, i havent got any either
    Supersoldier: dang, hey what about those megasquad kids? the doc's kids he was making to be superheroes or whatnot? didnt they say they had this menace under control?
    Techraider: well thats what i awtn to talk to you about. I found their base supersoldier, and it was.............empty. Most likely their working with Atomix, maybe the good doctor isnt so good anymore
    Crow: I dont know about you guys but im THIRSTY, like a.........coke? *sees a blur put a coke on the table* thank.....?
    Blur: your welcome, and If these children HAVE joined with ATomix, then that means
    Kusanagi: the insolent brats must be punished.
    Supersoldier: So yea we have to find them, techraider, blur, track them down, while we get some of LION's troops to help us set up a radius for us to take them down in
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    lol this was a tyte story .....i like
    the Frogg man back in effect y'all
    on da story tip.............................