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Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
:wow: never heard of him or that department... :facepalm: no wonder Biden's rating is so low, none of these efforts targeted real everyday Black People :facepalm:

Meet Trey Baker: White House Senior Advisor in Charge of all things Black

Though the pandemic made these campaign strategies virtual, an even larger amount of Black people were able to engage with the initiatives Baker and Biden created. They hosted the Shop Talk roundtable series featuring Black government officials and Black celebrities to have barbershop talk about issues Black people are facing. The Make It Happen Monday consisted of a virtual to determine the best ways the Biden administration could close the racial wealth gap. Finally, the Soul of the Nation gospel concert was an effort to connect the administration to Black faith-based communities.

Kalyn Womack

:picture: he's a big guy
(Left) President Joe Biden and (Right) Senior Advisor Trey Baker

(Left) President Joe Biden and (Right) Senior Advisor Trey Baker


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