Meekness AIN'T Weakness!

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    Since I missed out on the other post concerning the homosexuality/lesbianism topic, I wanted to take a look at it from a different angle...which I did!

    By Mike Ramey
    The Homosexual and Lesbian lobbies have been quite busy in the brainwashing department. Every major television show has at least one writer of that persuasion, and many of the same shows have at least one gay character written into the script.

    Now, I’m not going to ‘soft soap’ this issue. Homosexuality is wrong, period.

    I may be ‘hated’ and criticized for my stand. However, in the words of Bill Murray from the movie “Stripes”: “That’s the facts, Jack!”

    What I have noticed among those who claim this ‘lifestyle’ is how intolerant they are towards those who used to partake in this life, but have ‘gone public’ with how they have exited the field, and are determined not to be a part of this ‘mindset’ anymore.

    The real mark of a man--or woman--is not how they handle themselves in the fields of sunshine and rainbows; but in the fields of storms and thunder. And brother, when a former homosexual decides to ‘break ranks’ there are HOWLS of protest!


    Simply because they know their former group’s playbook. They know the ins, outs, and where all the bodies are buried--including those of the leadership.

    Let me provide an example.
    There was a man named Stevie who used to be into the homosexual lifestyle. By his public testimony, he had at least 100 different ‘sex partners’ over the course of his life. Many of his lovers, by Steve’s own admission, died from complications associated with AIDS.

    Needless to say, each death made Steve do some serious thinking. Little by little, he found that the Bible stand against this lifestyle was true. He believed it, and accepted it. Then he repented of this lifestyle (repenting meaning ‘turning away from it’), was set free by the power of Jesus Christ, and has gone on to marry a beautiful woman, and is now the proud father of several children.

    Now, one would think that, with all of the ‘cries’ of ‘free speech’ that we have here in the States, ol’ Stevie would have an easy time of carrying his message of a better way to those whom he used to ‘hang’ with on a regular basis.

    Nope. No such luck.

    Not only was he--and does he--continue to be hounded by those in his former lifestyle; there ARE those in his ‘new life’ that treat him as a ‘suspect’. One who has not ‘fully’ come out of where he was.

    Because he doesn’t ‘scream and holler’ against those in his former life, his stance of ‘meekness’ has been wrongly mistaken for ‘weakness’. Thus, he is perplexed by those on BOTH sides who scratch their heads over ‘why’ this man cannot be ‘typecast’.

    Nevertheless, he continues to point the way out to those who will listen.

    Brothers, when God REALLY gets a hold of your life, meekness is no longer a sought-after commodity, but a desired byproduct. No longer does a man not have to ‘prove’ himself to society’s satisfaction; he can go on to being a better man by modeling his ‘liberation’, rather than focusing upon his ‘past life’.

    Homosexuality does MORE to try to turn man into woman far more than those in this lifestyle would like to admit. No longer is a man guided by logic--but by feelings! In fact, if I may be so bold...homosexuality is the best friend that feminists have ever had! It can--overnight--turn a man’s mental state from logic to feelings. From a Prince into a Punk!

    Stop and think about this one--which I have observed
    at more than a few ‘Gay Pride’ marches that the mainstream media carries on television and in the papers. We see rows upon rows of men marching in the streets, proclaiming their ‘right’ to be ‘different’.

    To be blunt, a man doesn’t have to ‘scream and shout’ about being different. His meekness--his ability to impact by character and actions is what causes people to turn around and take notice of his message.

    There is a commercial on our airwaves that has become a matter of great satire of late. A technician is on a cell phone, checking the ‘reach’ of his employer’s signal. He keeps saying: “Can you hear me, now?” As he moves from spot to spot. Satisfied with the quality of the reception, the technician says: “Good,” and moves on to another point in the field to continue his testing. Over the course of time, we see this guy crossing rivers; driving down the road; going from country-to-country. Always the same question/answer exchange. Pretty soon, you get the impression that this guy can pick up the signal anywhere in the world.

    That’s the impression that the company WANTS you to remember. And, to make their point...they are NOT 'screaming and shouting'. They make it quickly and for the long term.

    The impression that I want to leave from this column is that I don’t have to ‘scream and shout’ my views on homosexuality. I know where I stand on the issue, and so do you. Either you agree, or disagree.

    Of course, those who side with those involved in this ‘lifestyle’ will increase their shouting. They will continue to try to become more outlandish and stage even crazier antics. Adopting children and trying to ‘create’ families without women. Getting health care guaranteed for when they contact the diseases that plague this ‘lifestyle’ choice. “Heather Has Two Mommies”, and “Ronald Has Two Daddies“.

    Taking to the streets to ‘out’ people who don’t agree with them.

    I’ll just smile, provide the logical alternatives, and rest secure in the manhood God has given me. Like the old folks used to say: “If you are an adult, you can do what you want--but don’t expect everyone to like what you do, nor expect me to subsidize your choices.” In the words of R. G. Lee: “There is a PAYDAY, SOMEDAY!”

    One local pastor put it even better: "Sometimes, ya jest have to let folk DIE if they WON'T listen!"

    Can you hear me, now?

    Mike Ramey is a writer, minister, and journalist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. His monthly, syndicated column THE MANHOOD LINE appears on various Internet sites. To correspond, Email to [email protected].
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    BTW Fam...

    No polls, no 'psycho babble', and no garbage about the sociological impact. In short, this Bull is gonna be taken by the horns; not by committee!

    Mike Ramey
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    indeed it is .......i just can understand why! and who started it all