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omowalejabali said:
This is why I suggested combining editation with yoga, tai chi, etc. Even finding a good masseuse. All of these thing combined help to open up your "centers" and help to eliminate toxis and parasites within. Even walking while listening to your favorite music can help.

Since you created this thread I went and dug up some books in storage, one which I recommended. There are other books dealing with yogic practice but Ashby's book is rather extensive with its various references to related topics and illustrating how Egyptian Yoga is related to other systems. I find this useful when the pictures help me to see some things tht I have not noticed before when looking at some of the ancient hieroglyps and artifact.

Myself, Im gonna make an effort to establish an on-going, regular schedule to not only meditate, but also doing more walking since I now am living near a park. Im also going to start detoxing again. This worked for me before but I got off my program for a number of reasons.

Peace my brother.

Hey Bro. Omo I just got the book today(Egyptian Yoga) so I WILL be hitting you up as I go along thru the book. :book:

hiphopolx - it has been awhile, and as an aspiring new recruit to alternative meditation techniques, your review of the above mentioned book would be of value!


I'm sry sis Zulie I'm just seeing this reply.

I'm still reading this book. I've been reading so many other books and working on other projects. I'm afraid I can't give a fair review of that book still but thanks for bringing it up
and I hope all is well with you


I'm a newby too. The best advice I've recieved was, girl...sit down, be still, shut up and feel the breathe of your life enter and leave your body.

When I first sat to do this I could only breathe in for a count of six comfortably(breathe in tummy should poke out like its filling up) That's what I was first this felt stressful. I breathed out by blowing out through a slightly opened mouth for a count of six (as you blow out tummy should feel like the air is being squeezed out). This also felt stressful. I bumped the breathes down to a 4 count. I quickly got comfortable with diaphragm breathing...thats what its called. NOW I dont count...I breathe in til I feel like my breathe has filled me from my tummy to my collar bones then I calmly exhale til it feels like my tummy is squeezed out of all air.

I had put all my new books away. Decided I would do nothing else but breathe. I dont have an alter yet or even a special place yet to meditate. At anytime I want to feel my higher power...its not a prep thing for me...I just melt into the next inhalation and everything else stops...I dont let anything else in...Its just me and Ra...this is what meditation feels like for me right now.

This is my journey my way at my pace. At this point I am ready to take another step. I can pull out a book now...I know...I'm slow...but it's worth it! Lol!

Best advice I can give is be conscious of your breaths...and make time to just observe and feel Ra ride in and out on your breaths. Feeling that ones with Ra is the best foundation in my spiritual walk everything else is icing.



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