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get a copy of the metu neter and read it. there is also other information around that would be more general.

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hiphopolx said:
Can anyone here give advise about meditation?
There is the Divine Self, and then there is the lower-case 's' self. The self is associated with the physical body, the lower case 'm' mind, and the five senses. The Divine Self is not of this world. Ancient sages intuited meditation as a vehicle to be used to travel from the phenomenal realm of body/mind/senses to the noumenal realm of the Divine Self.

We are programmed by this world's system, from birth, to associate our being with the body/mind/senses. All meditation techniques, if they have value, attempt to still the input from your body/mind/senses which serve to distract you from knowledge of the Divine Self.

The best way to learn meditation is to be taught by a Self-realized teacher. If/when the student's ears are ready to hear, the teacher will appear.


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Dec 30, 2006

hiphopolx said:
Can anyone here give advise about meditation?
1) The whole breathing system is a vibrating organism. With this in mind (as Istlota states) it is good to have someone assist (Ari Sa Aungk). It is also good to use aids that will assist you with bridging the emphasis away from left brained dominated thinking.

2) Awakening the Healing Light is a good book by Mantak Chia and of course Muaty Ashby's Egyptian Yoga.

3) Manipulation of breath and refined vitality (observance of the cycles of Ra)
can instigate different levels of awareness as observed in the wave states the brain goes into: Theta , Beta , Alpha, Delta etc.

4)I follow the exercises given in Metu Neter (There are an assortment options of course ...I mean nothing finite is absolute or essentially genuine)

5) The colors .The sitting direction..the smells... the hekau.. and my contemplations before hand, to set up my objectives, and real time observances during the day all prove to be tenderizing my person up for the Coming Forth;)
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