Black Short Stories : Media Hypocracy-Short funny play

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    This is a short story/play I based on the current events (I dont support anything that these people have done I am just making a sarcastic point)

    *On the tv another segment of michael vick's "plea" trial*

    White man-Oh my god that black man killed dogs!!

    White woman- What a sick human being he should be lynched..oops I meant arrest for his horrible crimes!!!

    White Media Pundit-Why should he get a break? 2 years?? He should be in jail for life..he murdered innocent dogs!!

    *On television Lindsay Lohan's sentence of what 1 day of "rehab" for doing crack, almost hitting someone and a DUI*

    White Man-Well, shes young lets give her a break, after all she is white..I
    mean she is "talented"

    White woman- Yea she learned from her 5th mistake of being a drug addict

    White Media Pundit-Lohan is a good person she is going there is no case here she was aquitted you know

    *The tv shows muslims beheading suburban white people"

    White Man-Them towel head fundamentalist we outta go over there and kill them all!!!

    White woman-I mean they dont even let women vote my god they are sadistic!!!!

    White media pundit-These radical muslims need killed off...that will be true democracy

    *Next the tv shows sudanese men, women, and children murdered by the januweed/muslims and cutting off the hands off little sudanese kids to mine diamonds*

    White man-Well our hands our full we cant fight "terrorism everywhere" you know

    White woman-but we need our diamonds, its a take it all kinda world ya know

    White media Pundit-President Bush has his hands full he cant fight battles for these nigg..I mean people

    Please everyone tell me what you thought :em3600:
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    whitewash and american T.V ..........