Zimbabwe : Media Disinformation: US Warns Zimbabwe on Secret Uranium Deal with Iran

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    In The Times of London, the UK-Based newspaper report titled ‘Zimbabwe running huge risk if it sends uranium to Iran, US warns’ that a US State Department official stated that the “UN Security Council Resolution 1737 prohibits the sale or transfer of uranium to Iran, except for low-enriched uranium when it is incorporated into assembled nuclear fuel elements for light-water reactors.
    It was a stern warning for the government of re-elected President Robert Mugabe according to The Times.
    The United States says that it would violate international law that would result in harsh penalties for Zimbabwe. Uranium can be used in a nuclear weapons program. The Times stated:
    “The Government of Zimbabwe is bound by its commitments to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and relevant legally binding UN Security Council resolutions the report continued “The United States is committed to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. We urge all countries to fully implement and enforce their obligations under multiple UN Security Council resolutions not to provide Iran with materials that could be used to develop a nuclear weapon.”
    The propaganda organ of the United Kingdom claims that Zimbabwe has a secret uranium trade deal with Iran. Zimbabwe’s Mines Minister Obert Mpofu’s reaction to the Times report clarified the government’s position on the matter “We are free to trade with any country but my ministry has not signed an agreement about uranium with Tehran. Zimbabwe is a target of Western intervention. “It is fiction and usual wishful thinking of the Western media. Why would we have a secret deal when we are a free country?” said Mpofu. In a 2007 article by The Guardian called ‘US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime’:
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    ‘US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime’


    And that's what this :bs: is all about - some more Weapons of Mass Destruction lies to give an excuse to get rid of Mugabe. Paying off Zim lackeys, economic sanctions, NGO interference, all the rest failed topple Mugabe. So now the lies to kill Sada.... er, Robert Mugabe, begin....