Black Poetry : Meddlin' (repost for Pat)

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    Did you hear the news
    about what he said
    she said was
    something about
    what somebody else
    heard someone say

    Well you know
    I know the whole story
    been talking about it
    with folks all day

    Now I ain't trying
    to get in your business
    but your name came up
    a time or two
    I just played it off dumb
    So I could try and find out
    who got your name
    on the street like they do

    Oh it ain't nothing too bad
    you know how folk talk
    I don't even pay them no mind
    I keep to myself
    out of the conversation
    cause you a friend of mine

    So tell me all that you've been doing
    who you seeing?
    how's your love life these days?

    do you still have that nice, big house
    you still on the same job?
    I thought I heard you started your own business
    how much you make doing that?

    Who me?
    I ain't really doing too much
    but you know me
    I like to keep in touch
    we need to get together
    so much been happening
    I got stories forever

    You'll be laughing and crying
    lord what some of these folks do
    it will just bring you to tears
    so how come you ain't called me
    in the last 15 years?

    (c) 2000
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    Very interesting read BE!