South Africa : Meatsaience & Others- DAVID ICKE & Zulu Shaman / South African Elder CREDO MUTWA

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    Beloved KgMW Divine SEER Metasaience.

    Have you listened to the below?

    This is A MUST LISTEN TO AUDIO, and shared with our children.

    Listen to why Hon. Credo never go through an airport
    The Bush Telegraph
    Credo experience with UFO's
    Credo can see into the future and things before they happen
    Credo-we must open the doors to our frighten life. If we are to understand the world we live in, and the entities that share this universe with us, we must be careful to not apply HUMAN criteria. UFO are real. There are entities on this earth that looks like us, and do everything that in their power to suppress us. The fall from a Godly state to a Slave state. A people who are frighten of their own Shadow. We must go back into time. There are entities out there that fear us (Afrikans) and for what?

    Hon Credo speaks about SUGAR, VACCINATIONS, Fluoride in the water, brain wiry chemicals in our foods, that prevents us from going into Infinite consciousness.

    David Icke TRUTH KNOWS NO COLOR: All those who are challenging the different parts of the system, all are one, the same one who is responsible for Dividing Society. we must uncover and expose suppression.

    A TALK RADIO FIRST: Nicole interviews both DAVID ICKE & Zulu Shaman / South African Elder CREDO MUTWA together on News for the Soul! What secrets are held in African culture? What was it that compelled David Icke to become active in trying to preserve Credo's knowledge and experience for
    future generations?

    Adult delinquents:
    protect ourselves/ children from these Poison/Chemicals we eat and feed our children.
    If we are going to talk about Unity among us, we need to know this information.

    Again, no knowledge of Universe/Nature, there will never be Unity among Black Afrikaans people, the Unity that is Infinite/Divine.

    How can we escalate/elevate/levitate consciously when we do not eat the proper food and feed that same poison food to our children? The types of foods that also prevents us from uniting consciously.

    We are what we eat. When we eat JUNK food, we are JUNK.
    We are what we Think. When we think Junk thoughts, we are JUNK.

    We are cooperating with our own imprisonment. If we had enough Divine SEERS among the Black Afrikan people, we will never need to seek a system to help us, a system that is designed to kill, steal, destroy, divide and conquer. Is it a slavery/bondage mentality that seek such a system? The System within is the system that we need to be seeking for our answers to all our problems. We must not only read, but we must learn and teach others how to THINK. Explore the System within (degrees of Conscious).

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