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    I have seen an abnormal number of Black and orange butterflies everywhere I have been going lately! In my past I would see one maybe three to five times throughout the entire summer! However, in the last few days I have probably seen about six of the exact same type of butterfly in different areas! I wanted to know if this has any spiritual indications or significance! Any guidance is greatly appreciated!
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    I can not say that there is any spiritual significance to these recent happenings or not. You may be best to make that determination. Have you noticed anything else noteworthy happening in your life, in conjunction with the appearance of butterflies.

    Butterflies are general seen among some as the product of transformation. Perhaps you are currently experiencing some transformation or transition in your life. Has there been any recurring themes when you see the butterflies? Perhaps the locations they are at have similiar meanings, etc.

    The number six can be looked upon as stability or equality. Thus a contentment.

    After much evaluation and no additional clues to pick from, I would conclude you are experiencing a very common event in nature that for the first time you are actually consciously aware of to the point that you notice it in various places you go. If that be the case, you can still credit spiritual significance to it because you are experiencing a moment of sensory acuity or realizing the "magical" in everyday life. That is truly a beautiful experience.

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