Black Poetry : Me & You

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    The day to day troubles of my mind
    Infuriate what’s left of my disguise
    I thought I could pretend and somehow the misery would fail
    Like kids in lower maths walking into exams where the highest grade is D
    The masquerade of our own contentment
    Survives only to hear the cries we try to hide
    At night when it’s just me and my pillow
    And the cold air interrupts my calmness
    Hairs stand to attention like his dick in his pants while he turns to page 3
    The obstruction of justice serves to mutilate spirits
    So we twist and we turn and still we try not to burn
    For the justification as to our unanswered questions
    Lays evident on blank canvases
    For the truth is yet to be revealed
    Like frozen bubbles we crush when they get too warm
    For your touch is insensitive to our desires
    We shall meet in time
    When my fruits are ripe and I can commit to your being
    Untying my tubes giving birth to hope
    Laying in vain praying that my temple will resurrect your faith in partnership
    This thing we created is trying to breathe
    Tangled as we feel the thorns of misguidance scorn our hearts
    You said you would try
    I felt like I might have died
    As you walked away and left me to wonder
    What could have been?
    For our misunderstandings lead us to live unparallel lives
    Forgotten is the feeling we had as we both said hello
    Those sparks that flew and electrifying emotions crept upon us
    I guess too soon
    For neither of us was ready to float on cloud nine
    Get lost in the midst of that period they call honeymoon
    Your lips devoured me in just a moment
    Yet young hands left me yearning for that P.D.A
    A public display of affection was screwed up like the word I love you
    That I wrote on numerous pieces of paper
    Yet each time the words didn’t look right
    The calligraphy was off point like the war on Iraq
    And so my words lay on paper thrown into bins
    Tucked under books
    Left on bus seats
    Recycled as tissue that caused my nose to bleed
    You see what you have done
    What I have done
    The miscalculations they led to the demise of our thing

    ©PoetByNature 2011
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    it didn't rhyme but you said what you wanted to and i respect you for that but are you a poet or poetess sounds like a poetess
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    The Lone-Star State
    Sexy by nature is always on time...

    Even when it don't rhyme ~
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    I dont work well with form, and formulas, i simply write how i feel...its not about how well you rhyme, its about how you illustrate your time on this earth..and yeh so thank you for the feedback i appreciate it..