Black Sports : Mayweather Says McGregor Fight 'Possible,' Pacquiao Rematch Discussed

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    A few short days ago I discussed a rumor making the rounds in the sports world that seemed more trenched in fantasy than reality: a possible boxing match between retired boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

    And while it certainly generated interest and banter on social media, the rumor, which was largely attached to anonymous sources, was mostly met with disbelief.

    The last 48 hours have kicked things into another gear regarding not only that rumor but a possible rematch of the highest-grossing fight in boxing history.

    Floyd Mayweather, who was in attendance for this weekend’s Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan fight, spoke to about the rumors that he may be setting up a fight with an MMA fighter, mentioning that a fight with McGregor is “possible.”

    “It’s possible. It’s possible. There was a name that was shot at me. But the rumors that y’all have been hearing [are] the rumors I started,” Mayweather said in the video posted by “It may not be a rumor. Keep your fingers crossed. It may be a boxer versus an MMA fighter. So we just don’t know.”

    Although McGregor wasn’t mentioned by name, it’s clear who Mayweather was referring to. McGregor took to Twitter TWTR +0.14% to add fuel to the fires of speculation on Sunday:

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