Black Poetry : Maybe Next Time...


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Aug 26, 2008
I want to pick all the dead flowers growing in your heart to take all the sadness away and plant lovely lilacs and roses covering every inch of your soul to give you all the happiness that someone as lovely as you deserves. Maybe one day we’ll find that place where you and I could be together, and we’ll catch our dreams within the wave of change. So Smile for me one last time and believe that we’ll meet again, until then, I’ll be missing you.

You were a chapter in my book and in your I was merely a line
Yet I gave you all my time
As if loving you should have been a crime
I took care of your heart when I should have been protecting mine
But you’re gone and I left to rome
And no matter where my stuff is, just don’t feel like home
Because of you I believe in love, just not the words anymore
And right now…. This ache in my chest is still tender and sore
What I miss most is that at some point I meant something to somebody
Now I feel less original and more like a carbon copy
And I hide behind the phrase that “I feel fine”
Even an “I’m ok” I say to myself just to pass the time
Somehow believing that I can convince myself that I’m better
Meanwhile hoping that maybe someday she’ll read my letters
But it’s been too long and I must face the Fact
She has moved on and is not coming back
And I have been playing this song for so long it stuck on the same track
So this broken heart has defiantly changed me
I’m becoming cold and bitter like old coffee
And I’ll never fully forget you
Even though I try to
I still replay in my head before I go to bed the time where I happened to glance over and see a smile spread wide across your face.
For me it was a happy place
And I replay the time you first laced your fingers between mine on the casino floor
I was hooked and looking for more
I replay the first time our lips touched
And I replay every single last detail of us
Because I’m afraid to let go, I’m afraid to lose you for good
And maybe I should
So I keep you memories tightly gripped for it is my way to cope
It keeps me moving and gives me hope

This was someone who I could watch for a second and find a thousand things I loved about her. And right now…. When it feels like my lungs are collapsing and there’s a sledgehammer beating against my heart, it does not mean I am dying It means I am surviving.

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