Black People : Maybe in 2005...

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    May 3, 2002
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    We won't let the mental diseases of racism and White Supremacy filter into Our lives and keep Us off track as African-American people.
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    We will utilize the trillion dollar bank receipt, in Our hands, and make significant withdrawals to use in Our communities.
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    We will understand that it is more worthy to support African-American businesses (that compete in every area of that business) than help up everyone else, who have proven sometimes to Our faces, that they don't give a **** if We live or die, but they will continue to take your green--N*****!
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    We can truly coalition with each other to create, attain, and hold onto Our stories, Our entrepreneurial endeavors, Our families and Our kids.
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    We could recognize just how truly Racist this Country is... the US Basketball team's mistreatment, sad as it was, is just an analogy in a whole string of recent and intense analogies that shines a light on all African-Americans...
    And then think around it, and continue to progress...continue...because a few of Us getting out... and becoming does not a healthy community make....
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    This trend of selling Our souls for a buck; that garners you no respect and surely no self-worth (funny how We reach for the bling bling, and all We get back is empty palms); stops.
    (But I ain't holding my breath)

    I will understand what We can really do... and shuck this feeling that is belying me... this sh** just ain't worth it.