Black People : May i Cuss you Out ?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hi Family ... have you ever just wanted to cuss somebody out ?!

Do you know exactly what words you'd use and everything ??




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
surely we all get to this point and many time the words that are
expressed come from the depth of anger, so what comes up comes out
often then none even at times when the feel to cuss or base one out
it's been pre-fixed in your mind what your going to say , I know i can sometime
when enough is enough you will explode at once .

whewwwwwwwwww! hope it ain't me u wanna blow steam on !

Sun Ship

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Aug 31, 2003
Oh boy...what's goin'

This is got to be a joke….right?? What are you getting at Destee….h_mmmmmm???

Destee, now you know if we were to give you instructions or words to curse someone out efficiently and properly (soul sister/brother style), we would be immediately banned. …And that’s if the words got pass the censorship that is applied to this forums software. So I’m going to play on the theme…usually sisters are always cursing out some brother who rubbed them the wrong way…I’m surprised you don’t have a plethora of terms and techniques..:lol:…for where sisters lack in physical strength they usually make up in words (when they’re in attack mode)…Destee, here is a non-censored upscale approach that may get your intended victim… :lol::lol:...:grin:

"...You’re a despicable miscreant of dubious lineage and illegitimate birth. You’re an insidious malcontent who’s mouth smells like feces and who defecate where he sleeps. Kiss my posterior and induce the fragrance… you’re a limp pimp and a played out playa’
Suck my succulent punana and enjoy the gag. If you stop sittin’ on your brains maybe you would know somethin’… you weak back fool. Go and masturbate with a fist full of razor blades."

Then Destee you put your hand on you Glock and get in his face and say, “SAY WHAT!!” “JUMP YOU *****!!! ….I WISH YOU WOULD!!!!!”


Now you know I’m being silly...:lol::lol::lol:…If I was showing you how to curse somebody out, the words would be a lot worst than that...:lol: ...but you asked for advice on a profane approach to solving a problem…In most cases you can use a powerful vocabulary of non-four letter words and just tell that person the unadulterated truth. The old –timers always talked about a few Black intellectuals back in the day who could absolutely destroy your character without using a profane word.

But really, When you curse someone out… you’ve usually gone over the edge…think twice about your actions…sometimes it’s better to leave a fool where they are…otherwise, that’s the best I can give you…. :D


going above and beyond
Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI
I rarely feel the need to cuss anyone out because I'm a laid back kinda cat. However, since I'm so laid back...when someone pisses me off to that point, I wanna whip dat ***...not cuss them out. I fly pass the cussin' out stage. :lol: :D

My consciousness gets to me before I do any of that. So, Destee don't get all cautious like you do sometimes. I ain't gonna buss a grape...not yet anyway. :wink: :lol: :D

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