Black Entertainment : MAXWEllS help Somebody! big up brother max

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    saw him on cnn Hero,s

    i was like hey ....
    He is still alive and how:SuN049:

    you go man...!:toast:

    took guts to do that ....

    was like ......

    now ,thas what i,m talking about :toast:

    all the boring bla bla love songs passing by on the radio...

    i mean love songs are not bad but you know............. ( they are nice when the love is good and when youre in love

    look at the time we are living in..
    we need sumthing like this is a reminder that we are not here on this earth alone...HELP SOMEBODY!:rain:

    that is youre reward brother...cause songs with real meaning ...
    will have an everlasting valeu......

    tha man upstairs is smiling at ya..

    Its better than a grammy .....
    and if that little ugly statue had meaning
    you should have reseaved it a long time ago..

    i like his humbleness when he is finished with performing...
    than he points to the band like ...them to and them to....

    good good ..

    shine shine...


    the song and video bad habbits was a Booo :court:

    pretty wings beautifull but strange...

    i didnt realy understood the lirics and the video ..

    cause there where different women in it ...

    oeps :10500:

    maybe that was the director ....:em2300: