Black People : Maxims used to Manipulate and Colonize the World.

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    If you ever wanted to know.
    How the game is played.
    Read this article.
    Notice the year it was written is 1937
    These maxims are used still today!

    The books and information that was available then has been burned, trashed and discarded. This book is a tell all on how and who divided up Africa!

    British, French, Italian, Japanese, Belgian, Dutch, Danish, The Soviet Union, Spain, Portugal and America.


    International Politics

    " An Introduction to the Western State System "
    by Fredrick L. Schuman - 1937

    Maxims used to Manipulate and Colonize the World.

    Choose as your field of operation some area, preferably rich in resources, which is weakly held by a feeble State or has a weak independent government of its own.

    If you’re capitalist, traders, and investors already have interest in this area, make a great show of protecting these interest and complain bitterly over every infringement upon them, real or imaginary.

    If no interests exist, create some by inducing your profit-seekers to enter the region. In either case, act in close cooperation with private business.

    Use the power of the State to serve business and use business interest to further political designs.

    Look about you circumspectly to see what the interest and policies of other powers are.

    If they conflict with yours, if they are certain to oppose you when you endeavor to acquire control of the territory, decide whether you can safely defy them or must come to terms.

    Defiance is dangerous unless you have a great preponderance of power and your rivals are weak or only moderately interested.

    Coming to terms is more advantageous if you can offer a quid pro quo for their acquiescence or support.

    Diplomacy and War bargaining and force are essential means of preparing the ground for action.

    When all is in readiness, manufacture a pretext, an incident, a grievance which will make your aggression appear defensive and thus justify it in the eyes of your patriots and of certain opinion groups in other States.

    Deceive your parliament and press, if necessary, as to your intentions and make much of national honor, vital interest, the sanctity of the flag, the necessity of protecting the rights of your citizens abroad, the blessings of Christianity, and the duties of humanitarianism.

    It is often possible, by intrigues among the native politicians conducted by your business men, diplomats, and navel officers, to achieve your purposes by cleverly contrived revolutions without an open resort to force.

    If this seems to difficult, strike swiftly, decisively, with overwhelming strength, in order that you may paralyze resistance, impose your will, and confront your own people and the world with a fait accompli.
    ( An accomplished, presumably irreversible deed or fact. )

    Speak softly to foreign governments which object, but never yield to their objections unless you feel unable to defeat them if they should resort to extreme measures.

    Secure recognition of your new position in treaties and use the treaty rights as a means of further extending your power if you do not gain all you desire at a blow.