Mauritania : Mauritanian speak on Slavery in his country and Arabic controlled North Africa


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Dec 11, 2006
UK..not for long

i like how everybody is laughing in the audience as if treating women like children is joke...



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Oct 4, 2009
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''Mauritanian speak on Slavery in his country and Arabic controlled North Africa on Tony Brown's Journal from back around 1993 or 1994. This was when the Nation of Islam was still in denial of African slavery by the hands of the one who calls himself and arab in Africa.

Also take not that this is a black man in Northern Africa AND the Sahara where whites say that blacks do not exist, just like Sudan. Purpose: So you can see the black man of Northern Africa and understand what is going on TODAY in the middle of the Sahara. It is a race war and it is from Sudan to Western Sahara. Uncle Toms and renegade mulattoes who's minds are controlled by Islam are on a mission to take the land of the black man which is interrupted by the European when they came to colonize. This is real people. I had my eye on all of this before this show and well before Darfur''

Excellent information, and important however there is still a big question.

After 400 years of the most inhuman form of slavery in world history,

raped of our language and culture,
and kidnapped from the soil of our ancestors,
and the connection with the eath mother that energy provides;
We here as descendants of slaves,

regardless of our religious or ethnic differences,

African American or Afro Carribbean, speaking Spanish, French or English,
have put aside our differences since the time of Garvey,
not in full unity or solidarity,

but to at least understand that we are all one Black people opressed
by the same European

therefore why is it so difficult for our cousins in the Motherland to embrace a race first ideology?

Who has more mineral wealth and natural resources?
the Arabs in the sand,
with their oil?

Or Africans with not just oil, but every precious mineral, of wealth, or technology known to modern science,
in addition to soil so rich that every agricultural Corporation in the world from China to Edinburg, is purchasing major acres by the minute?

The Nation of Islam is a culture,
a culture developed only 50 years, and developed and shared for a people who had been raped of their culture

African culture is 30,000 years old

Not to rationalize negative behavior but I am sure our ancestral cuture made some horendous and terrible mistakes in judgement and acknowledgement of the facts of the time,
during the first50 years

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