Black Spirituality Religion : Matriarch vs. Patriarch or Balance?

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    I've wanted to ask this question for some time now.

    I know that the Matriarchal system once ruled the world for thousands of years, but then the Patriarch system became the dominate force.

    Each system has its belief as to which were the dominate forces in terms of the Gods vs. Goddesses. We as African Americans are moving back toward the Goddess worship, but I ask ...

    Is this the right ideal for us? I'm finding many discussion not with this site alone, but discussion that makes the feminine nature more powerful then the Masculine nature. Hue-man beings have been around for thousands if not million of years. Are we stuck in a process of causation which every 6 + thousand years we swing from Masculine to Feminine or the other way around.

    Is there a system of balance which can be obtained? I believe once we create a balance system at which the Goddess & Gods are not viewed as one more powerful then the other we will be able to recognize the fullness of our totality.

    I don't know if I'm on the right track here but I believe or believed that all things started from the 1. The one being equal in nature; Feminine & Masculine together. I was of the ideal that we are created in the image of the one having both masculine & feminine natures ...

    Why do we uplift one above the other? I began to become primary matriarch in the sense of thought because my-story showed a dominance of the matriarchal worship. I was once told that the black race was born in the mother sign of cancer.

    Is this logical?

    Looking for some input ... I'm still learning the art of these teachings, but this is subject that arouses my curiosity as to why one over the other.

    Peace and Blessings