Black Spirituality Religion : Mathematics vs Vibrations: Which is the Universal Language?

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Feb 22, 2008
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Recently I ran across a few articles saying that Mathematics is not a universal language. Of course the only explanation they could give for this is, if you walked into a non-English speaking math class, would you have a clue what is being discussed.

Even though the reasoning was flawed, it got me thinking. I asked myself "If mathematics isn't the universal language, then what is?" The answer came to me quite quickly. It was vibrations.

Going through the "mantra" thread earlier today, helped me get a better understanding of this. Every form of communication known to man is based on vibratory frequencies. There is nothing in this world that doesn't operate on a vibration.

Even though the above stands true, everything in the world is of Mathematical value.

Herein lies the question of whether vibrations or mathematics is universal language.

Are they both dependent upon each other? Can the two operate separately?

What do you all think?
It pains me to say this, but I disagree with your premise. Mathmatics is universal. Mathmatics does not change based on the language. Numbers relate, how they relate. doesn't matter if you are in France or Zimbawe, 1+1=2. Since I disagree with part of your build, then I have to disagree with the rest.

What "premise"? I never said which one was correct. Thats why I posted the question. If it appeared that I had made up my mind on that, then please understand that I didn't.
I believe that both Mathematics and Vibrations are universal languages. Mathematics, similar to bootzeys comment, is consistent around the globe. The fact that it is consistent is evident simply because Math is the basis of currency trading! Vibrations are also universal because it is the essence of sound. Sound is what is developed into melody, rhythm, and then music and Music is a universal language. A "C" note remains a "C" note whether u are in asia, america, or africa! So since Music is Universal and Vibration is the essence of Music then Vibrations have to be universal also!


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