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Oct 13, 2006
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What race on the planet is so special that they are the only ones capable of mating with Gods? IMMORTEL Ad Vitam - the movie, give a very strange but artistic answer to that question, using "blue" as a replacement for "black."


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Immortal is set in New York City, a hundred years in the future. Monuments like the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge still stand (albeit looking more than a little weatherbeaten), and while the cars fly around they’re modeled more after Studebakers than Saturns. Most of the populace is in desperately poor health, and a grim conglomerate named Eugenics has set out on a self-appointed program of genetic sanitation. The one man who resisted Eugenics, Nikopol, is now on ice—quite literally—and the only traces left of his rebellious spirit are in t he form of the occasional bit of free- standing digital gr affiti.

There is another mystery: a giant pyramid floating over the city, impervious to messages or attack. Inside are no less than the gods of ancient Egypt themselves, including Horus (voice by Thomas M. Pollard), who has been convicted of crimes against his fellow gods, and now has one week left to say goodbye to the very species he helped germinate. Horus sets out into the city to find a body to occupy for that time, and winds up earning the enmity of the police when the various bodies he tries on for size all end up committing the gross incompetence of dying.


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