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Sis. Jai, this is one of the most controversial topics online these days. I don't enjoy controversy unless it gives people something to think about goes nothing.

When it comes to Humanoid sexuality, what is natural? Humanoid sexuality and spiritual sexuality are different. We are spiritual beings inside of a Humanoid vehicle. Spirits mix energy in order to engineer a successful reality or being. Spirits have no gender, but we create symbols/forms/vibrations that direct our path of creation. A Man and Woman are only symbols for different paths of creation. IE, Men and Women do not create the same way. That is natural.

When we speak about nature, natural- we are talking about "order" or a system of order. But before we look at Homosexuality, we must look at other lifestyles. Same sex lovers do not create life, so this lifestyle is a bi-product of other very un-natural aspects going on our planet. If these aspects were dealt with directly, homosexuality would be non-existent.

What is natural for the Humanoid at times is un-natural for the spirit. The Humanoid is a machine. Because it is a machine, a system of order, it requires maintenance to which sex has become it's main docking point. The Humanoid machine can have sex with anyone or anything to keep itself maintained.

It is natural for the Humanoid to relieve itself by discharging it's fluids, no differently than an oil change in an automobile. In order to discharge, the machine requires only another unit of energy. Child, animal- it doesn't matter. What matters for the Humanoid is sexual discharge, nothing more, nothing less.

The differences between Humanoid sex and Spirit sex is a matter of choice. It depends on how comfortable and confined the mind itself is within the machine. A mind that is not confined at all inside this cage will of course experience more levels of sexual experience than the mind trapped inside the machine.

When studying the pedophile mind, we find that a Man is not having sex with a child. At least not in his mind. The child is only a vessel for a fantasy. In his mind that child is the Woman or Man he dreams for, hopes for but can never obtain. In other cases, when the pedophile is indeed fantasying over the child, when having sex with a child- he gets off from being able to take something precious, innocent and pure away from the child. No different than what a Man feels when with a young virgin.

But in the case where a grown 40 years old Man stuck his penis into a tiny baby girl when her Mother left him to babysit....that was natural for the Humanoid. Because the Humanoid is a machine that only more advanced minds seem to have the ability to totally control. When the 40 year old Man was raping this baby, was it for love and passion? It had to be for release, and it seems for sexual release there is no distance the Humanoid is unwilling to travel.

Now, allow me to point something out. Remember I said Homosexuality was a bi-product. On this planet, right now as we speak- there are millions of Men and Women who are here simply because they can do one thing and one thing only very very well- and that is- give sexual release.

It is natural for the Humanoid to want sexual release. What I find interesting, is that in today's society- Homosexuality is sold to us as some type of sexual freedom, it is not- and here's why.

The most sexually oppressed people on the planet are not Homosexuals.

I'll let that one marinate in a few minds that are reading this.

I'll continue later.

"The most sexually oppressed people on the planet are not Homosexuals".

I know that I am one but why are Heterosexuals sexually oppressed? Are you going to explain Tantric sex and does that have anything to do with it?

And are you able to explain the experience of Spiritual sex? Have you had this experience? I hope you dont mind me asking...:em3700:
Sure Sis. Jai, I don't mind you asking at all. We'll go into some of that. I was saying that Homosexuals are not the most sexually oppressed. The most sexually oppressed people on the planet are highly spiritual or very religious Women. But let me say this also. I don't judge Homosexuality, I speak about it only from a metaphysical or scientific context. It is what it is.

I've learned from the study and knowledge of highly spiritual and sexual people that there are sooooo many levels to sex that are still untapped on this planet. And yes Tantric sex is a tool for highly evolved sexually experience.

But you did ask about same sex attraction, is it natural? There is another reason I mentioned the difference between Humanoid sex and Spiritual sex, it has to do with the mind because it's all about the mind anyway. What gender is the mind? That would depend on the direction the mind is going and the actions that path requires.

Who is a Man having sex with when he is touching on himself? Is he a spirit having sex with a Humanoid male? The answer is yes. And this is the question I often bring up when people start talking about what "homosexual" attraction is.

What are we experiencing when we masturbate?

There are Women who are sexually attracted to their own bodies that have never had sex with other Women. Is that a homosexual Woman? Let's think about that. She enjoys her breasts, the shape of her body, her scent, her hair, her own touch- is that homosexuality?

There are Men on the planet who are flexible enough to give themselves oral sex. Is that homosexuality? Even though these Men have never had sex with other Men and are not attracted to other Men. These are variables rarely discussed, but they should be discussed if people wish to have a rational view on Humanoid sex and spiritual sex.

Homosexuality is basically masturbation for some, a way to release sexually without the confines of a traditional relationships. Of course many Homosexuals will say to those who come to such conclusions- you are wrong. I've always been attracted to the same sex, since I could remember and it is not masturbation- I am having very genuine and loving relationships with everyone I mate with, just as heterosexuals have genuine loving relationships.

First of all, whoever said "heterosexuals" were the great teachers for genuine and loving relationships? Both homosexuality and heterosexuality are masturbation, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Let's give a list of what is natural in the natural world. It is natural for teenagers to have lots of sex and have lots of children. It is natural for Adult Men to have sex only for sexual release and not for reproduction. It is natural for Adult Women to have sex only for sexual release and not for reproduction.

What type of picture does that paint? It paints the picture of a functional society, where the younger Adults have children that the older Adults rear and take care of. It is the model for society that life has been trying to put into fruition for so long, if we would only listen to our own sexual desires.

Now let's go to why highly spiritual Women are so sexually oppressed? Because highly spiritual Women have more living energy flowing within them than most Women. Such Women in our Ancient past, selected Men, several at times to have sex with in order to drain down their sexual urges. In history such Women were Queens and even Goddesses. In Today's world, we know what such Women are called. Yet these Women have always been highly advanced sexually as well as spiritually.

It is my metaphysical belief, that such Women unconsciously are reeking all types of havoc on the planet, basically because of their sexual as well as spiritual dissatisfaction.

Men forget that it was Woman that taught us sex- not the other way around.
Which is why I find the Male homosexual phenomenon interesting to say the least, because White, Asian= no matter the race, if the Gay Male is acting like a female- he is acting like a BLACK WOMAN. Pay attention to that one, and then ask yourself why is that?

Some highly spiritual Women naturally have reached the state where physical sex is not an option, it is something that happens for them on the astral or spiritual plane. Some of them have the ability to call out to spirits or Deities that come out to service them sexually, all because there are no Males on the Earth evolved enough to get the job done. Remember I said it's about the mind. The collective male mind has not evolved to the point where such Women can be accessed.

Going back to Tantric sex. I once met an older lady in Florida who was a Tantric Master. Actually she was also a psychic that read cards, when I met her we were talking about psychic abilities etc., and she started telling me about Tantra and the work she did. She told me her age and I didn't believe her because she looked 35, but she said he was 50. She looked like the typical Gypsy-Arabic female who was into eastern sexual arts. She told me she could make a Man have an orgasm without touching him, she said it was all about the mind and using a Man's own sexual energy against him.

I didn't believe her. I spoke to her once over the phone and she told me a story that almost made me have an orgasm, but when she asked me if I felt anything- trying to be hard- strong- and your average Male- I lied and told her no. I couldn't repeat that story here, but basically it was a very very erotic tale. She told me she was called out often by couples. She would never touch the Man nor the Woman. But she would teach them how to explore their sexual ideas and fantasies. She would teach the Woman about movement and how certain dances help to generate energy in the yoni.

She was the one that told me something that I have yet to hear anywhere else. She said the Human body is all about association. Associations we have stored and memorized in our mind. Spiritual sex is the key to re-defining those associations, whereas Humanoid sex is when we are slaves to them. She told me about a time she helped a gay Man have sex with a Woman because he wanted to conceive a child with her. Her story helped me understand, one- homosexuality is also a product of mind control and two- the mind is the most powerful genital we have.

She told me most "Gay" Men enjoy sex without the emotional attachment of traditional relationships. The Male she helped was a "bottom" meaning he enjoyed playing the female role, feeling like a boy that is being sodomized by his Father. She said it was impossible for such Men to be with Women because they never developed the social or emotional threads with Women where such relationships would be able to progress. I've noticed this too. Even with Gay Women who say, they are naturally gay, or born that way. Well, interestingly enough- such Women are built in such a way that a sexual relationship with a Man would never develop anyway, either because they are too masculine or not attractive enough. But like the Male seeking the virgin, it's also interesting that such Females will go after the Females they know more Males want. This is called a "trophy catch" - heterosexual Males do it too. In female Homosexual relationships, the 2nd female is almost always bi-sexual.

When the Tantric lady explained to me how she got a Gay Man to have sex with a Woman in order to have baby, it made me think about our minds to begin with, and just how fragile Humanoid sexuality is.

She said she knew this Man enjoyed being probed sexually by another Man. So what she did was dress the Woman up as a Man and offered him the opportunity to probe her. She said all Men are easily sold sex as opportunity, it's rare that a Man would turn down to the opportunity to have sex with any "thing" of beauty, just for the experience he will do it, and the more he does- then it becomes a habit and ritual. She said he enjoyed doing to her what Men had been doing to him. The fact that she was a female pretending to be a Man turned him on even more than if it had been a Man. She painted a fantasy for him. Which somewhat explains another role culture plays and why Black folks are so confused sexually and spiritually.

This idea makes me think about the fact that some of the most feminine Gay Men are attracted to masculine Women. A secret that most Homosexual political groups don't want to discuss, don't want it discussed. A Gay Woman often times will sexually desire the Women Men desire, who has a body she does not have. Fuller breasts, wider hips etc. A Gay Male often times will sexually desire a Man most Women desire, if he is short- the desire male is taller, if he is fat - the desire Male is slender- muscular built. Actually most of the time what they desire is the energy stored in that person, energy that is collected from all the people that desire them.
This was not always the case in history, we have become a more "cosmetic" society- therefore it is easy to brainwash us with flesh symbols in the media. In the past, Men and Woman had different ways to acquire their sexual desires without worrying about cosmetic attributes.
You had mentioned that a woman who is sexually attracted to her own body is not homosexual, am I right? So what about one who is attracted to the female body period, but has never been with a woman? Does that make her gay?

What is your definition of sexual freedom? Oddly, I consider masturbation wrong and have felt ashame about it. I just feel like somebody is always watching me lol.

So what exactly is Tantric sex?


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