Black Poetry : Mastermind Chronicles: A Positive Mastery in Thievery

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    "What you thinking about?...."

    i rather be a head hunter
    a positive thief hunting down them heads
    of the unemployed
    the ones who be thinking about higher ideals
    not knowing they are self-employed
    plus whoever is about to get out behind bars
    to the streets assuming if you ain't employed
    i got a mad genius plot(echoing)
    take down your number email and physical address
    present to you a contract or employment
    keep you all in my phone
    and in my laptop
    others be thinking stupidly like a black book
    so so so personally ignorantly
    i took up human resource knowledge
    then infuse it with my intelligent education
    non-negative-ego on my mindset
    go to the unemployment offices
    present myself as the representation in the pinstripe business suite
    make sure my ends are secured
    so when you sign that dotted line
    as a matter of fact i will give you a timed offer
    to accept or decline by not responding
    roll out in something you maybe dreaming about
    leave you stunned
    locked in shock
    body hot
    temperature tales all well
    the central nervous system wants to make that call
    but hold up...
    why put up an ad about employment
    when i can or let my female Human Resource Specialist do it for me on the low low
    cause we see you for who you are
    while rolling walking running talking inside your movie
    there you are(echoing)
    i must come
    and must come back to the thought at hand
    the hour of time is splendid
    if you want to master mind
    then you must search in each and every crevice
    to find
    any drought
    oh look!
    the unemployed is out(echoing)....
    i'm stealing heads
    before any other corporation business gov't
    get their handcuffs on them wanting to feed them bread
    i can do better from my own last times
    no need to contemplate thought-crime
    plus i ain't saving no-one
    you the killer
    over there wasting dear monetary time(echoing)...
    i'm a head hunter looking to steal away the best minds to fuel my own Empire
    and you do not need any head...
    you need the most intelligent positive thinking forward proactive ones
    you gotta be game
    taking a risk to be better than your last times
    is purely potentially profitable plus
    two thumbs up
    a positive thinker who is a mastermind would not excuse oneself from being a positive thief
    versus it's negative mastery
    don't worry when you think you be down and out as the least and unexpected
    i'm pulling up on you with a timed contract
    a newly formed aggressive tactic called human resource snatching....
    and i'm down like that to the endless
    cause when entities of a business called insurance needs someone who is willing to go all the way
    though already five years experienced as an agent
    in order for me to build my insurance company inside my huge corporation
    already funded with the monies
    instead of franchising
    give that unemployed person a presidential chance
    so we can move on do what we always wanted to do
    cause my insurance is the total opposite of norm...
    especially life cause i'm selling wholistic life
    meaning pro-life extending you out with guarantee results from reputable professionals without surgery
    even in the auto and rental industry
    though i will not have any home insurance
    yet the rental side of it though but not like any expects
    and mine will be patent too in such a way it is phenomenally out of this world statistically mine!
    Great Grandmutha you was and are right!
    It pays to mind my own business
    cause i can see mistakes coming miles away
    and see maturity of my products and services stay rising gradually without ever being in a state of decay

    "....oh i'm minding my own business and i got plans that cannot be related...i'm on some other pages of my book."