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    By Andre Austin
    I’m 43 years old and I have never used Geometry or Algebra. However, I can explain to students the social evolution of geometry and its practical use from ancient times. For example:
    The Kings (Pharaoh Sesotris) objective was to supply water to the towns which lay inland at some distance from the Nile River; for previously the Egyptian people in these towns, when the level of the river fell, had to go short and to drink brackish water from wells. It was Pharaoh Sesotris moreover, who divided the land into lots and gave everyone a square piece of equal size, from the produce of which he exacted an annual tax. Any man whose holding was damaged by the encroachment of the river would go and declare his loss before the king, who would send inspectors to measure the extent of the loss, in order that he might pay in future a fair proportion of the tax at which his property had been assessed. I think this was the way in which geometry was invented, and passed afterwards into Greece.-Herodotus The Histories Book 2:109
    Now in 2012 young black and brown students are looked upon as prey or a meal ticket for the Prison industrial complex that buy and sell stocks rise and fall on the increase or decrease of their populations in prison. Kids do not know that slavery was not outlawed by the 13th amendment. From ancient times slaves were called fish which is the name inmates give to the 1st time convicts entering the prison gates. Likewise, the police representing the Criminal Justice System (CJS) are called “THE HOOKS”.
    Teenagers are more likely to be abused by the Law and intolerant religious institutions that caused more killings in the history of mankind than any other doctrines. With that said I believe that these subjects are of equal value as Math/Science:
    Social Studies/Civil Rights
    Mythology/Religion the main character assassinators of people of color
    Sports/Entertainment we teach black kids this is their only platform to be a man and speak for themselves. While in the classroom they can’t say a word in class without getting thrown out. When I did research on prisons I learned of:
    By 1836, when Michigan was ready to build its first prison, two distinct types of prison systems had evolved. They were the Pennsylania (Penn) system and the Auburn (NY) system. They Penn system was built on the ideas of free will, introspection, and repentance. The cells were large and had two doors, one of lattice work and the other solid; both were kept closed. An inmate was put in his cell and there he stayed, alone with his bible, his thoughts, and his work. He never left his cell except for an hour a day to exercise in his own small private walled yard adjoin his cell. He was allowed to communicate with no one. Penn prevented contamination of one inmate by another through solitude.
    This is how some classrooms are ran. Now you wonder why the say Prison is a pipeline or superhighway to prison.
    If Criminologist are looking at reading grades levels to determine if they need to expand and construct new jails and prison. So why all the focus on math and science? Are we missing the boat? Why are we steering teachers of color predominantly in math and science and stir away from English/Lit, Government, History and Social Studies? Is this an attempt to muzzle socially conscious minded agenda? The CJS is the main driving force that’s destroying generations of black and brown so students should about the law how to look up cases and file suits and appeals before they get their high school diploma.
    Students should be made aware that another form of slavery like debt preys upon them like vultures flying over dead meat. College Athletes are being taken advantage of their talents to make millions for greedy thugs. Students know nothing of usury or fractional Reserve Banking that enslave masses of people into debt/slavery.
    Teachers of color should have the same freedom and option to teach the subjects that they are good at not what some think tank think they need to be at. At least we run the risk of discrimination and having certain jobs reserved and preferred by whites over blacks. Basically, get gutter politics out EDUCATION. Making triangles are cool but not when you don’t even know where Rosa Parks lived or died.
    An alert citizenry a perquisite to being civil minded are the best when we master the art of reading and writing to the level of critical thinking. Speak truth to power. Many students can’t get passes their three pillar words of *****, gay and *** to complete a sentence. Think about it.