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    By Andre Austin

    “Fatherhood, under this [Slave] system, was a monstrous joke; fatherhood, in fact, was virtually abolished. Masters sometimes made the husband subject to the wife”-(Before the Mayflower: A History of the Negro in America 1619-1964 p.86 By Lerone Bennett Jr. The owner was “Big Daddy” just like they were in the film In the chains of Django.

    The ancient Romans did the same thing under their slave enterprise.

    After slavery ended the government became “Big Daddy” to the black family and destroyed it. The black professional woman became the “House servants” and “mistress” in white corporate America. The Black hookers and strippers were reincarnation of “Fancy Girls” (prospective concubines and prostitutes interested in placee shopping for that good meat in the “Quadroon Balls). Some black females would actually take on the name “Fancy” working in Hotels in comedy shows (The Jamie Foxx show), and making films leaving blackmen for whitemen. She would eventually in real life marry a white dude then divorce. The Blackman still playing the role of a Buck and a stud; ready and able to soak their wild oaks on the whole **** farm by himself in one night.

    And The P words have the last word and laugh

    The government now provides the ghetto child a “Public life”-public aid, public schools, public housing and public health care and puts the Blackman in a public & private prison and poisonous foods and public police to suppress us to a cemetery plot. And the Blackman is left out without a piece of the action. But this is by design not fate or destiny. Then we have our own peers who mad dog ourselves down from the point of a gun.

    Why all of this going on? They fear the rise of a black Planet through genetic annihilation of the Black Penis. Blackman wake up and reclaim your rightful position. We have been destroyed but we must comeback and let our women know we are not replaceable. When Isis was in Egypt her husband Osiris was destroyed by Satan and was cut into pieces. Isis didn’t lay in the bed weeping and gaining a hundred pounds eating food in duress. Isis put all of the pieces of Osiris back together which enabled them to get back together. And after that they are “Housed”, In Egypt when a man marries, he is “housed”-he becomes settled and the process of become “one flesh” and division repeats and replicates itself over again and again but slavery broke this cycle and theological teachings originally adapted in Egypt then plagiarized by the Old and New Testaments. Blackman get to your rightful place and not be put in your place by the whiteman which is a Penitentiary for a man and house of Prostitution for the female.