Black Relationships : Masochistic Personality Disorder

Zulile said:
If one recognizes oneself in the description you gave - how does one go about fixing it? the decision to change and knowing how to change.. expand please..
education. as i learned more about the details of my position as a black man in america, my mental illness definitely changed and got better.
also, specific education about the disease that one has. knowledge is power. lastly, there is therapy. i have done a lot of therapy and it helped me.

my entire program now is to encourage black people to stop hating on themselves and direct that hate onto white people.
anything we can do to releive the self hate is good.
Beloved Mighty warrior JFP:

JFP: yup, most mental illness can be corrected readily. the main issue is lack of diagnosis and lack of knowledge. once you see a behavior as what it is you can decide to change it. you have to be able to recognize the illness as something external of yourself. it is NOT you.

Thank you for addressing this subject.
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Zulile said:
It is cureable?

*start info-mercial*

:lol: ... yes ... i once had a masochistic personality disorder and Brother James cured me ... look at me now --> ... :nuts:

*end info-mercial*




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