Black Poetry : Mash Potatoes

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    Mash Potatoes

    Hell of a collision on television like a reality show it’s

    A fatality with foe, did a fast write last night to git

    Back on track with facts that impact the brains so

    Misled fakes now have a headache possibly a loco

    Migraine, have rocky fame and like a hockey game

    Trying to score being boldly seeing as a goalie must claim

    My turfs went to an improper doctor and wreck the clinic

    But wait a minute now my case is expected in the senate

    Never done crack or dope give some a slack rope and

    They hang themselves while my hardcore rhymes land

    On shorelines like oil spills oh yes you can ask Hess?

    Gas prices has become a fast crisis need the dang best

    Bicycle to survive and keep my paycheck alive now-a-days

    Even scholars thrilled over a dollar bill C.R.E.A.M, sways

    And costs in mysterious ways right now extreme craves

    For money, look I fiddle with art but the middle parts may

    Not have any meaning but plenty gleaming so I will stay

    With the same technique that tame freaks in battles play

    With devastation and slay reputations like Jail time go away

    For lunch my teeth grips a beef sandwich while my scripts

    Do brief damage to chumps that try jump on this it strips

    Them of dignity I’m ill like Biggy, handle chicks while

    Using candlesticks in the bedroom as the night get hairy

    Bright and airy while a flight to marry like Mariah Carey

    And Nick Cannon, look it’s funny in a way that on this sunny

    Day need a chick to feed my sick emotions sticky like honey

    Fight like a Ninja now on a flight to Virginia the love state

    A thug can make progress in this process find the best cake

    A guy that’s hot thoughts flies in flock like some dang absurd

    Birds stuff grasp brains and collapse mainframes you heard?

    Decorate my plate with chicken feathers while on finger licking

    Endeavors at KFC come sick just to get drumsticks watch ticking

    See a girl wet and energetic may get credit if my love talk is right

    So concerned soft and right wanna kiss her turn off her room light

    Her perfume ignite my emotions bet her boyfriend go stone bone

    Crazy on it dog gone it, be yelling and stuff so noisy in their home

    Look on the way here hot and bizarre stopped the car felt alone

    Now my hummer a mess because of the stuff up under a dress

    And cocky thunder jest adds to it and build my lumber the best

    Right now just the touch of her hand much could be planned we

    Could wed in bed quilts with her red lips everybody stand and see

    Shutters are open while her body butters and smoking no joking

    Arouse her mini-skirt and do plenty housework such as poking

    It love is choking a bit, “looked at you strut and now shook up

    But I’m all right you so tall tonight got a sincere love jones but

    I’m here to do no wrong so boo let’s go home this chicken is good

    Girl you got tender candies and you should surrender your panties

    To me or throw them in the air and wave them like you don’t care

    Accepts gifts and step swift to deliver kisses shiver like dishes aware

    During earthquakes girl I want your birthday cake boo your pure sex

    Juice flow best in bed endure without protest oh yes that’s complex

    Have to be hard so I regard this as being proper no need of seeing

    A doctor no cure for pure hotness, physicians can’t stop this it keying

    My hormones and girl we not far from home jump in the car boo

    These glasses protect my eyes while I recognize your thighs as true

    And sweaty ready for licking with some chicken which is yard bird

    Stable my rhymes able to design words of grammar, love is absurd

    And hammers my brains and glamour from dames turn me on and curve

    My enthusiasm, must secure world peace need a pure girl to feast

    With at KFC boo, all left is me and you wanna kiss you lips at least

    It’s no doubt hard and I wanna run about your yard like a puppy hound

    In heat” “just a yuppie in town on the street I’m really a queen crowned

    New player you do plenty work and not just any jerk gonna get up

    Under my mini-skirt so I stay alert as an expert sex girl with butt

    You wanna rub my thighs go down town and grub on my pies but my thighs

    Are closed right now buy me a rose tonight somehow juice multiplies

    And they may open I bet you’ll go crazy on my wet na na even Foxxy

    Brown knows this; cake is smoking you hoping my bra break open got epoxy

    On the buttons no sudden drawbacks sex could be a raw act I’m down

    Great satisfaction when my thing is in a state of action moving around

    In bed, have on a good skirt and rap would work to an extent a crown

    Awaits but you want pound cake and hot ice cream, juice in my sandwich

    To reduce damage when having sex will cream and scream but will manage

    You wanna try and do it but as a guy you blew it need a new skit brisk and

    Renown like Chris Brown really want me to strip, a queen in society with plan

    But you have a keen anxiety to demand sex; I know swell true affairs that can

    Propel through the airs like a thrown baseball they be grown and face all life

    Has to offer when a boy kiss her lips they get nice wet and softer he then nice

    Her love, player you voice your facts but like riding on a horse’s back if

    My choice is whack gonna get bucked off and struck across the head swift

    Because life is a rodeo and thugs become studs right there in the club boo

    I precede attractive and nice lead an active life,” “boo I think I love you

    Deal with potion feels extreme emotions you have cream in your ocean

    Let me fish in your wet dish I wish I can cum, but on second notion

    Naw wanna last long because you got cake and thighs don’t abate

    My pride lets go take a ride in my Lex for sex adventure will be great

    If not my plan smashed and I’ll stand abashed we can dash to my place

    Remove your sash and lace deal with green feel extreme wanna chase

    Your panties and taste your candies breasts have agility to the best

    Of my ability wanna please them, adored your hips let me go rest

    Aboard your ship never ignored your lips I wish and dream I can fish

    In your stream it’ll twist my dream causing a list of extremes with a kiss

    Body have the smell of butters you out excel others your dress clings to

    You the best thing to do is have sex don’t grab the kotex your thing overdue

    I’m calling for a party you can be a falling body in my bed so boo let’s screw

    Girl you’re a finish product wanna eat spinach as a result and become a hot

    Guy like Popeye I want some pot pie, this mark indicate stress it’s time to jot

    Down my feelings on paper use the strong vapor of perfume you like that plot

    Got a nice device that’ll increase the speed drop your panties let me feast on

    These” Player my breast are fine in the best of time and my dress

    Designed as a mini-skirt with plenty flirt but don’t even stress

    Never slept in a loft and still steps soft but need help taking

    My panties off, my cream pies are between my thighs aching

    Located under my dress and the juice pour sincere wow the more

    I hear love talk, like a concerned dog you wanna run galore

    And bur logs in my fireplace so automatically you desire lace

    That’ll require bed space you not a thug clever but you race

    To write me a love letter I read and enjoyed the lines but they

    Toyed with my mind you can’t avoid my fine body no way

    Yeah you wish shifting gales could be lifting my dress tail

    You want pie to eat my body in dry heat why beat around

    The bush? My thing edible and incredible go down town

    Skull holds my brain sometime dull pain never a migraine

    Try remain sane think straight because you wanna rain

    In my pink cake, player my thing smoking galore and that

    Just open the door and your hot **** wanna escape a fat

    Jail so a breakout is planned hate to pout but Im’m on demand

    Wanna unbutton my sash and make a sudden dash with your hand

    Under my skirt you’ve presented rap and haven’t invented crap

    My eyeglasses tinted perhaps but I’m not sitting in your lap

    You use words and they fly like loose birds vigorously they

    Land in my ears but your plans steers me wrong wanna play

    With my emotions and cause oceans of wetness so let this

    Be a warning I could see morning on the wrong side of a brisk

    Bed with the headboards broke, you wanna guide my imagination

    Then ride to a destination of bed sex while my mind in fragmentation

    Like exploding grenades, sex come with mixed duels and fixed

    Rules have to kick fools to the curve but use cool words and tricks

    Tonight feel out smarted and light-hearted can’t let them pricks

    Get the best of me; I see wet hands and a preset plan of action

    Need extreme support because sex is a team sport fatal attraction

    It bend most like Glen Close one weekend and they freaking a lot

    Juice leaking hot and player you’ll be yelling oh baby and stuff not

    Doing this I’m totally stuck between a **** and a hard place so mop

    Up the rest because my hot breasts will spill milk and wet silk

    You wanna do dramatic work got static under my skirt body built

    Had it with the flirt getting a kotex and pad it where it hurts player

    Down there Coo-chee juice around everywhere even a mayor

    Can do some town approval, my thing has soften and cling often

    To my panties sometimes a boy’s kiss my lips leave me coughing

    (Player remember I was at another KFC standing in line and

    Demanding mine saw a boy looked at my body as a raw toy plan

    To be licking my chicken the juice in my thing thicken my body

    Stay cake he wanted to play for stakes and try winning some party

    Sex, always a price for a chance at some nice romance it’s really

    Prohibited for a wimp to make a deliberate attempt talking silly

    For sex my butter is sweet and he wanna utter in a deep voice

    And make a peek choice he said “look boo I want your Rolls Royce

    This is a great ordeal and your cake is revealed want your butter

    On a platter but that’s another matter politicking while you utter

    About chicken I’m about to be licking my blood surge so with love

    I’m on the verge of asking for a date bet you wet give me hug

    Got a witty stand probably got committee plan remember a city

    Man love sex, nice introduction to you wearing New York fitty

    Cap but need instructions boo like what make you hot like am I

    Gonne get cake or not, got all type of crews but like the news try

    Send this on the airwaves for an affair I crave as I prepare to save

    You boo, hurdle wise between your thighs and fertilize, I crave

    For your egg made a hardcore pledge so girl please behave

    This is declared complete love prepared to meet and hug you

    In a club, really want you in bed it has been said that true

    Love is a many splendid things, girl my words sway like

    A survey a kiss must exist on a list to other thing my hype

    Is growing I’m throwing you in the bed have the voice of a queen

    There’s a choice between only two things the screams or the cream

    Your thing river is deep so I deliver this speech and hope to reach

    You on bed level, body soft kisses boss girl you a peach on a beach

    Here at KFC thought I was just gonna rumble through now here

    Humble to you stumble and knew I had fallen in love my dear”

    Player he embraced my waist right here in this place its clear

    He wants some of my plum and it was thumbs up just some mere

    Reality set in and my panties wet again player he jest kissed my lips

    Right there in the KFC and for the deft of me I don’t know why he grip

    My waist he’s a fly guy kiss renowned and like Rhiannna and Chris

    Brown he wanted my birthday cake not even my birthday “boo you

    Forever rapping but nothing never gonna happen unlike voodoo

    This isn’t magic the hairs around my thing is furry and soft but

    I’m about to hurry off, you a fanatic causing static wishing your luck

    Change, you may be bright in math but won’t find the right path

    To my bedroom your head tuned to the wrong song like Donny Hath-

    Away and Roberta Flack on a murder track The Closer I Get to You

    My head today is being led astray I think this is a freak chase boo

    Into deep space where you at my sweet lace oh what a race

    I’m attractive and fine with an active mind but you want to taste

    Me, have a terrific heart but wanna take a specific part in sex

    Can get brave romances if you behave under the present vex

    Circumstances open my thighs you get mad treasure and that

    Would add pleasure to your goal and increase the sum of fat

    Sex, in order to adapt to this ill situation you have to fill out

    An application, wait for an interview, buy dinner too no doubt

    Yeah you want the juice in my sandwich but will that reduce

    The damage already done got a sweaty bun now, no excuse

    For this even Bruce Smith knows I’m being tackled very hard”

    Player oh he jest got my tongue right there in the chicken line

    He said girl you a chick with hips then he lick my lips one time

    I was hot like sunshine oh he craved for my lace and gave my waist

    A swift jerk he almost lift my skirt then he sniff the flirt in my perfume

    And boom he jest really tongued me good begged me to go to his room

    I said boo “I go strut after a doughnut and a glass of milk have class

    And built fine just kilt time putting on make-up a great butt with flash

    Have a sloppy plan only access my rocky land with a helicopter fast

    To stand in a gown and demand renowned love not the improper trash

    If I had chocolate droplets on my thing you would lick it off because

    You wanna be a slick boss like Rick Ross and Nicki Manaq so pause

    You bold slightly and hold on tightly to my waist so you in close

    Contact with my lips and deliver kisses while a river reminisces most

    In my panties, they stick and resist separation your kiss shatters

    My reputation sweaty and ready to start to depart you wants to splatter

    Juice I must break a loose from this so boo I think my chicken is ready

    Wet and can’t stay let me pay and leave please he squeezed me like a teddy

    Bear a sweaty affair then he let go I paid for the chicken that was finger

    Licking and left save myself from sex once again oh emotions linger

    Panties are thin that was too close to call KFC roast all the chicken

    Oh my god the juices flow odd I can still feel his kisses from licking

    My lips
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