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    MARY: The Mother, Sister & Wife of Jesus symbolically
    By Andre Austin
    Jesus was a composite figure of many mythological gods and historical figures. Jesus was symbolic of Osiris who was married to his sister and wife Isis-Mary. Jesus followed the same course.
    The accepted opinion concerning the origin of the name Mary is that it comes from the Hebrew “Miriam” which means rebellion” Christ in Egypt By D.M Murdock p.135

    The word Gospels means in Greek “Good news of military victory”.

    In fact the name of every female character central to Jesus ministry is Mary or variation of Mary:
    1. Mary, the mother of Jesus (called Woman after Eve by Jesus)
    2. Mary Magdalene (Tower’s used to cross Jewish Walls Proverbs 18:10-11 Luke 14:28-30 War of Jews book 5 chapter 2.2)
    3. Mary, sister of Lazarus (El, Ausar-Us/Osiris) and Martha (Mary of Bethany)
    4. Mary of Cleophas, the mother of James, the Less
    5. Mary, the mother of John Mark, a sister of Barnabas
    Martha is the Aramaic approximation of the Hebrew name Mary. The names both stem from the word for rebellion. Martha is Aramaic for “she was rebellious” and Mary is Hebrew for “their rebellion”.

    There is no known Hebrew tradition of giving sisters the same name. All the Mary’s in the gospels may be lampoons. I would conjecture that during the was between the Romans and Jews (66-73AD) “Mary” became a roman nickname for female rebels (like jihad John & Jane), in much the same manner that enemy soldiers have been referred to by a single name during the modern era. For example, American soldiers called their enemy “Charley” during the Vietnam War, and “Kraut” during world war II. One can imagine a Roman centurion ordering all the “Mary’s” to be separated from the men, following the capture of a group of Jewish rebels. This theme may have then been continued by the Roman authors of the New Testament to mockingly make the point that all the female followers of the militant Messiah (Christ Lazarus) were rebellious”- see Caesar’s Messiah by Joe Atwill p. 99-100.

    It all makes sense to me with Adam & Eve being from each other and being married would fit Sister/Wife. Jesus being an Adam and Eve being Mary in the NT makes a perfect fit mythological.