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    The Flower of Tower: Mary Magdalene= Rebel/Submissive
    By Andre Austin
    Mary (Rebel) Magdalene (Tower)
    War of the Jews (5th Gospel) & The New Testament 4 Gospels sometimes go hand & hand of parallel alignments and then sometimes in the mirror opposites of eachother. However, no matter the techniques you use solving puzzles and mystery clues are just the same.
    When the Romans fought the Jews between 66-73AD it wasn’t like a war of the Roses. They saw all the women as rebellious (Mary) more powerful than her bloody Mary with her urine and blood had the power to take the sting out of poisonous substances.
    The term Magdalene belonged to or from a city of Magdala, an unidentified location on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. The Hebrew word migdol means a tower. A city named Migdol was located on Horus road, leading from Egypt to Gaza. Ezekiel 29:10 mentions it: “…The tower (migdol) of Syene (in the Eastern delta) even unto the border of Ethiopia”. Maybe from information like this some of the Black Muslims got the idea that Mary was black and from Egypt. Even the Christians in their movies picture Mary as 6 feet tall and being married to Jesus. Well I got news: Jesus liked hanging out with the fellas.
    “The accepted opinion concerning the origin of the name Mary is that it comes from the Hebrew “Miriam” which means “rebellion”-Christ in Egypt by D.M. Murdock p.135 However, the NT Mary’s are depicted as submissive and or beloved. A Roman counterfeiting the Gospel wouldn’t portray women as rebellious to Rome but passive, running to go pay their Taxes Caesars and teaching their children to do the same.
    The mirror opposite of Mary in the War of the Jews is of an evil Mary from the house of Hyssop willing to eat half her Child (Idol/God) so that she doesn’t have to surrender to the Roman legions. More importantly Jewish rebels abusing Roman Soldiers: “…an immense number of the Jews leaped out suddenly at the towers called the “Women Towers, through that gate which was over against the gates” (WOJ Book 5 chapter 2.2). So we see how Jews used Towers to help them fight the Romans. Now we can turn back to the Bible and see how the Romans used Towers to fight the Jews.
    Jesus says: “Suppose one of you wants to build a Tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? (Luke 14:28). We can show this is the Roman General Titus thinking of War Strategy to build Tower ramps to climb the Walls around the City of Jerusalem.
    “Titus went round the wall looking for the best place to build a Tower” WOJ 5, 6, 258). Titus eventually overcame the wall and destroyed the Temple leaving no stone standing as Jesus predicted the Son of Man (Titus son of the Wasp) did in 70AD before the generation hearing Jesus Died. Jesus died in 33AD plus 40 year generation =73AD the second coming of the assault of Masada. Strangely the Jews named one of the Towers Titus made as “Victor” a male name. This tower couldn’t be burnt because it was plated with Iron.
    Titus was the Tower full of power bringing raining hell with hailstones
    The Wasp & the Scorpion laid low the Temple & the Eagles pick the bones