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Feb 9, 2001

A Black gun-totin' female in the American wild west. She was six feet tall; heavy; tough; short-tempered; two-fisted; powerful; and packed a pair of six-shooters and an eight or ten-gauge shotgun. A legend in her own time, she was also known as STAGECOACH MARY.


Apr 22, 2003
Once a 'hired hand' at the mission confronted her with the complaint that she was earning $2 a month more than he was ($9 vs. $7), and why did she think that she was worth so much money anyway, being only an uppity colored woman? (His name, phonetically, was Yu Lum Duck.) To make matters worse, he made this same complaint and general description in public at one of the local saloons (where Mary was a regular customer), and followed that up with a (more polite) version directly to Bishop Filbus N.E. Berwanger himself (to no avail).

This was more than enough to boil Mary's blood, and at the very next opportunity the two of them were engaged in a shoot-out behind the nunnery, next to the sheep shed. (Actually it turned into a shoot-out, because when Mary went to simply shoot the man as he cleaned out the latrine -- figuring to dump his body in there -- she missed. He shot back and the fracas was on.)

Bullets flew in every direction until the six-guns were empty, and blood was spilt. Neither actually hit the other by direct fire, but one bullet shot by Mary bounced off the stone wall of the nunnery and hit the forlorn man in the left buttock, which completely ruined his new $1.85 trousers. Not only that, but other bullets Mary fired passed through the laundry of the bishop, which was hanging on the line, generously ventilating his drawers and the two white shirts he had had shipped from Boston only the week before. What his laundry was doing at the nunnery is not clear.

One lout failed to pay his bill to her however (he had ordered extra starch in the cuffs and collar). Hearing him out in the street, she left the saloon and knocked him flat with one blow - at the age of 72. She told her wobbly drinking companions that the satisfaction she got from that act was worth more than the bill owed, so the score was settled. As luck would have it, the tooth of his that she knocked out was giving him trouble anyway, so there was no reprisal. Actually, he was grateful.

Way to go Mary Fields!:welldone:
Sisters was bringing the heat for some time now, huh?

So, Yu Lum Duck got his raise? Hahahaha! I Know that butt was It's mind boggling reading that an Oriental tried to step to our Sister Mary.

Thank you for posting about Mary. It was a refreshing look at the Legacy 0f Black women of the 19th century.

(Say it again Sister! Who are you?)

I am Mary Fields
People call me "Black Mary."
People call me "Stagecoach Mary."
I live in Cascade, Tennessee.
I am six feet tall.
I weigh over two hundred pounds.
A woman of the 19th Century,
I do bold and exciting things.
I wear pants.
I smoke a big black cigar.
I drink whiskey.
I carry a pistol.
I love adventure.
I travel the country,
driving a stagecoach,
delivering the mail to distant towns.
Strong, I fight through rainstorms.
Tough, I fight through snowstorms.
I risk hurricanes and tornadoes.
I am independent.
No body tells me what to do.
No body tells me where to go.
When I'm not delivering mail,
I like to build buildings.
I like to smoke and drink in bars with the men.
I like to be rough.
I like to be rowdy.
I also like to be loving.
I like to be caring.
I like to baby sit.
I like to plant flowers and tend my garden.
I like to give away corsages and bouquets.
I like being me, Mary Fields

Jan 22, 2001
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Thank you Sister Queenie ... i enjoyed learning of our Beloved Ancestor as well !

The following excerpt made me think that the entire US Postal system got that saying from this very woman ... you know the one ... through rain, sleet, and snow ... or sump'n ... the mail will be delivered!

In 1895, she landed a job carrying the United States Mail. Since she had always been so independent and determined, this work was perfect for her, and quickly she developed a reputation for delivering letters and parcels no matter what the weather, nor how rugged the terrain. She and her mule, Moses, plunged through anything, from bitterly raw blizzards to wilting heat, reaching remote miner's cabins and other outposts with important mail which helped to accommodate the land claim process, as well as other matters needing expeditious communication. These efforts on her part helped greatly to advance the development of a considerable portion of central Montana, a contribution for which she is given little credit.
Like my new avatar ??? :wink:

Yes, i am trying to send some subliminal messages !



Jan 22, 2001
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NNQueen said:
Subliminal messages, huh? :laugh:

Sister Des, you're about as subtle as a SCUD MISSILE.... :coffee:

Queenie :heart:
LOL Sister ... hahahaha ... :lol: ... it's subliminal to everyone but you Queenie ... :lol:

You just know me too well !! :love:




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Jun 8, 2004
NNQueen said:
Hey, now, that's a great article, Sista Queenie... Sister Mary sho put a bit o fright in ole Ike the way she tote dat shotgun... I was, like, sista mary, I was just wantin' ask you hand in marriage, not wind up top a horse-drawn carriage!LOL! Strong-lookin', take-no-prisoners kinda sista, that sister Mary...



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Nov 2, 2005
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This Lady was a tough cookie!!!:D
It is good to hear abut our STRONG BLACK WOMEN!!!!
Veryy Good
She seems SO interesting!!!
Cigars?....uuuhh :qqb013:
Like I said....Tough Cookie
and Sour Dough Bread is not bad AT ALL!!!:D
It was really good to read about here

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I am feeling our Beloved Ancestor's Spirit, Mary Fields, all up in my being right now! So much so, that I want to get her picture, and put it in my avatar, like I've done many times in the past when I felt her. But for some reason, I'm reluctant to do it this time, like it aint what I'm spose to do this time. But I feel it so strong, I gotta speak on it, so I'm doing that instead.

It feels so good! I gotta share it! I feel ready for whatever! ... :love:

Well ... i just had to share that seems like ... :D

Sister Queenie ... thank you for giving her to me years ago! I Miss You! :kiss:

Loving USSSSS!



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