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    Justified by Faith not by coins
    By Andre Austin

    Martin Luther (1483-1546) was from Germany and a Catholic monk until he set out to reform the church by posting his famous 95 theses on Oct, 31, 1517. While a monk he battled with all the temptations of the flesh except for sex and greed. Luther was a monk from 1504-1524. Before he left the Catholic faith he prayed to Mary to heal him from a sword academically cutting his leg. That Mary was modeled after Isis the goddess of healing. When he left the Catholic faith he said it was up to a priest to decide if he should take a wife not a popish poppycock edit coming from a pontiff.

    Man declared Luther was only second to God and needed no priest to have a personal relationship with God. That would be like a Man and wife needing a third agent to make a consummation or read a Bible. Take the chains off the bible Luther said the priest don’t hold the keys to unlock scriptures interpretations. Man is closer to God than his own jugular vein that no priest acting like a negotiator or mediator could interfere with. Man’s sex life or forced chastity wasn’t the work of Christ. Priest have a choice of wedlock or a vow to poverty.

    Luther’s famous 95-Theses core argument was a loving zeal for the truth. The Catholic practice of indulgences was the big grand humbug of theological teachings. By 1519 Luther believed by reading Daniel 8 that the Pope was the anti-Christ. He believed that man should investigate the Bible for himself to “prove all things”. The Pope had no authority over you but only the Bible. Luther believed souls are justified by faith (Romans 1:17) not by paying indulgences to get a priest or pope to remit sins or purgatory. Luther taught that once a soul left the body nobody had power to make the soul suffer or keep his own personal keys of faith to open up heaven’s gate. No one could exclude you from heaven except yourself. Peter the gate man with the silver and gold keys was just a mixture of mythology of Mithra with his keys.

    Man is “Justified by Faith” not money and his road to redemption and forgiveness begins with a inner contrition to God not the Pope. This was Luther’s awakening. Luther attacked the notion that: “ As soon as the money clinks in the chest the soul goes into heavenly rest”. Christ suffering wasn’t the sole and total merit we get to our grace. No indulgence was a substitute for purgatory. Spoke against absolution for Christians solders died fighting Islam and payments as substitute for crusade. Luther was a anti-Semitic and hostile to the Jews. Luther believed Mohammed had help from a Jew, a Persian and a Syrian Monk in the composition of the Koran. Mohammed closely resembled the faith of the Jewish merchants with whom he had contact on the caravan routes in and around Arabia. Luther’s attack on the codification of many Catholic canon laws wasn’t light either.

    The Catholics have gotten over Luther’s exposing of the indulgences but they have yet to forgive him for his theological opinions on the Eucharist. Luther taught that bread and wine wasn’t a transubstantiation of an actually body and blood of Christ but merely symbolic. I could take some kool-aid and cornbread and say that’s my body and blood; but to feast on it like the followers of Mithra in the exact same pagan fashion is something the Catholics have yet to shake off the Pope’s dress.

    I’ve read nothing from Luther to include St James “Faith & Works”. having faith and no love isn’t faith at all. Love was more than an emotional sentiment but providing for the church and your family. However the Catholics took it to another level of bribes to get positions and admittance to heaven. Luther did a good deed in lifting up this grand humbug and having his followers keep the faith and their coins in their pocket.