Black Short Stories : Marriage

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    I have always believed that she would pick me to keep me from spreading out or looking about in the wrong places cause if she accepts me first by outright forwardness then i must be the one fore her as us.

    She is wise and i am too though who is wiser? I have two rings on standby with no reason to lie. She gazes me down then look back. I look at her posing imagining who is she peeping me out. It must be marriage without a doubt.

    I knew her to be with me forever though not overpowering me throughout our endeavors. How could you leave me fore somebody else? That is the question after physical death though i remain true and real as a book she feels.

    She is always in the same place at the same time smiling. This is the soul plane where bodies of existence get to wine and dine without dates feeling superbly great. I cannot wait until me and her meet face to face. She got game and is always on time getting closer each time. I like the way she moves about passively with slight aggression. It is the intensity of knowing fueled passionately trying her best to control her intimate confessions. She drowns in her diaries the loves of which is not known to none, if so then they are trusted too.