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Sep 27, 2005
This reality show is a bit unorthodox and displays a different platform than "Love At First Sight" or "The Ultimatum" because perfect strangers are matched to one another based on their general traits and characteristics. Once the matches are decided, they are then notified that they will marry in 2 weeks, thereafter. Mind you this is without knowing anything about the other person. In other words, they are marrying a perfect (eg. in some cases not so perfect) stranger. After the wedding they go on a week long honeymoon. And then they go back to the realities of everyday life. The out is that if after 3 months each couple is not satisfied with the other -- they are told they can get a divorce.


Intimacy & Romance
Trust- Honesty
True Friendship & Respect
Selfless Giving
Growing Rather Than Falling In Love

Full Disclosure
Genuine Compatability

All play a part in their individual unions. The problem is they don't know each other. The initial carrot is the wedding dress, the tuxedo, and the rings. Of course, the men and women area the rabbits. IMHO this experiment only works if the people involved are emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically mature. From what Eye have noticed the majority of THEM are not! Eye can blame one gender or the other for the failures that ensue. However, it appears that the men shut down first. Many of the women make a stabbing attempt to commit to the hash tags relationship, smh.

It is not my place to say these people are desperate nor is it my place to say they don't deserve the happiness that being married is supposed to bring. Eye do think, however, that they are more in love with the idea of being married rather than they are in love with the idea of working to keep the marriage together. It's a day to day process of hard work and many of them failure at the attempt. Many come into the union with hidden agendas...

First Row
Brandon & Taylor --These two didn't make it
Meka & Michael -- These two did not succeed

Second Row
Derek & Katie -- these two are a wash
Jake & MIndy -- these two are a wash
Austin & Jessica -- these two found success

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Feb 19, 2001
Biochemistry is a hellava thing. It is not quantifiable. Thus the obvious faults of the show


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