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    Mariolatry is defined as the elevation of the New Testament Mary as a Goddess, a diva and a Saint. More than a thousand and four hundred years ago its been documented that a Christian cult was practicing this unlawful worship of human flesh. For example we find:

    “When God will say: O Jesus, son of Mary, didst thou say to men, take me and my mother for two Gods besides God”(Koran 5:116). This is a dichotomy of two transformed three-dimensionally.

    The Christian sect most likely targeted by this Koranic quote is the Catholic church who they say is the second Eve with her images being used to the maximum utility in churches and schools. The double and triple Gods of the Catholic church came directly from images of Isis, Horus and either Osiris and RA. When the late Pope John declared that souls transform from “Life to Light” is Egyptian doctrine of resurrection of the Holy Ghost/spirit being spiritual light of RA or Osiris. The mistake the Church made was crossing the line in their picture between humans and demigods and misunderstanding that Jesus and Mary and other characters were attributes and functionaries of God and not Gods themselves. A second problem was that several doctrines of Christianity was woven into one contradictory thread. For example Paul saw Jesus as Aton/Adon, Amen and Ra. Paul saw Jesus as a circle of light and as Faith/Amen being unseen and as the lord or Adon/Aton. This brings me to the third problem. Christianity is a story that was condensed from its proper time, men and place. It’s a compressed timeline where the real Jesus came from the royal court in Egypt under the name of Tutankhaton who later changed his name to Tutankhamen.

    I wonder about the Da Vinci making the Mona Lisa was killing two birds with one paintbrush making a symbol of two Gods Mary and Jesus as Isis and Horus by other names. Dan Brown Da Vinci code says that the Mona Lisa was an androgyny.

    Now the face of Isis is generation/fertility according to Egyptologist Budge.

    The female goddess, Isis whose ancient pictogram was once called L’ISA .

    So lets bring the Mona Lisa to Da Vinci’s androgyny of AMON LISA

    MONA LISA is:


    There are statues in Rome that were erected for Isis and Horus, which was transformed by the church to Replace Mary and Jesus. The Mona Lisa is no exception either. The origin of the word Mary comes from the Egyptian Mr. So if the trinity comes out of the two Mary and Jesus why did they leave out the third, if it was left out?

    When King Tutankhamen was in office with his wife they were the living personifications of Isis, Horus, and Osiris. Even in death the King was elevated in theology. In his tomb King was shown in three different forms Osiris, the father, Horus the son, and Ka, the Holy spirit, all being represented as one person Tutankhamen- as three different aspects of the same person. Emperor of Rome, Hadrian wrote a letter in 134 AD saying Christianity and Serapis (Osiris) were one and the same. Mary was the incubator of the Holy spirit so she was linked in with the spirit to. They left the components of the family out of the trinity which consisted of God the father, the son and the feminine, maternal, Holy Ghost/spirit. Muslims say the Holy spirit was the angel Gabriel.

    Isaiah in his writings indicate Jesus already lived and died.

    Moses in his writings indicate Jesus already lived and was killed.

    The reasons why New Testament editors and redactors decided to change, rephrase, revise and rewrite the timeline of Jesus death to 30 something AD from 1352 BC is beyond my pay grade. Some scholars have speculated the mangled NT writings were brought into existence by Roman officials desiring to pacify insurrections by Jewish zealots; and abolish cultural influence of the Egyptian mysteries all for the elevation and glory of the Roman terrorist Empire. Rome tinkered with Christianity theology and the Egyptian religions for their own selfish political gains.

    Some Catholics believe that I’m trying to be smart-alecky or something on its lines . I say not at all I’m just struggling with these polar twins of Christianity and Egyptian theology once thought to be opposites. I’m just trying to take off all these mask and trying to put back on a crown to its original owners who happened to dwell near the Nile in Egypt. It’s impossible to hate the root and love the tree ,or vice versa, while attempting to rebuild the truth out of its ruins.