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    Mario William Vitale
    A Connecticut Yankee with a sensitive heart,
    a poet who is always thankful when we
    comment on his creative work and polite
    to others who are just beginning to write.

    A gentleman and poet who enters contests
    testing the waters of unknown hosts who
    might be overly critical and not so kind,
    Mario raises himself above the negativity,
    realizing that there are ways to conquer
    with kindness and truth by sharing his
    philosophy throughout his groups.

    Mean-spirited people are not his cup of tea,
    similar to rubbing salt in an open wound,
    Mario believes that there is goodness in
    most people as he is an encourager who
    believes in bringing out the best of his AP
    family throughout the years.

    If I could I would bake Mario a pizza with
    everything on it except anchovies for being
    so empathetic to all.